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Author NameTitleDepartmentSubmission Date

Cheng-Lin Ha A Study on Relationships among Macau Gaming Tourists' Novelty, Hedonic, Perceived Benefits and Revisit Willingness Grad--Tourism 2014-07-04
Dony Halomoan The Role of Interpersonal Factors to Teacher’s Work Motivation and Work Engagement Grad--Management Administration 2013-07-10
Kuo-Hwa Han The Study of the Effects Among Brand Character, Image, Reputation and Involvement have on Brand Equity — An Example of Watches Grad-Management Science 2005-05-10
Hsin-Wei Han A Research of the Video Phone System Based on Wireless LANs Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2005-07-07
Haw-Jui Han The Research of the Management Model of Parent Company on Affiliate from the angle of corporate governance-An Example From A Case Company Grad--Management 2005-08-15
Yen-Hui Han Applying Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Method to the Pricing Strategy Selection for Digital Learning Industry in Taiwan Grad--Communications Management 2006-06-16
Pang-Ying Han The Impact on Restaurant Operational Performance with Applying Event Marketing in International Hotels : The Case of Food Festival Event Grad-Tourism 2007-07-02
Ming-Hsuan Han Analysis of Socialization on the Risks of Motor Vehicle Burglary-Using Taipei as an Example Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2008-07-26
Shu-Chi Han The Relationship between Consumers’ Association to Environmental Label and Green Products Purchase Intention Grad--Management 2010-08-22
Wen-Hsuan Han The influence of internationalization on corporate governance Grad--International Business 2011-05-24
Wen-Shun Han Tamper detection and recovery scheme for digital images based on differential embedding strategy Grad--Information Management 2011-07-25
Shin-Tyan Han Package Design Creation of Taiwan Herb Medicines-A Case Study on Herb Alley in Wan-Hwa Grad--Commerical Design 2011-08-10
Hsin-Lu Han Relationship between the Leadership Style of Elementary School Principals and Their Campus Space Planning in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2013-06-19
ZHEN-SHAN HAN HAN Translation Function Words "Historical Biography" In The Historical Record's Biography. Doctoral Programs in Applied Chinese 2015-07-22
Hsin-Chia Hang A Study on the System Success Model of Enterprise Application Integration—The Enterprise Logistics Integration Information System as an Example Grad--Information Management 2007-06-20
Huang-Shun hao The Officer on Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior Grad-Finance 2012-07-16
Intan Hapsariyani The Impact of Authentic Leadership on Work Engagement And Impression Management as a Mediator Grad--Management Administration 2012-07-24
Kornnika Harnyuenyongsakul A Study of Factors Leading to Job Satisfaction and Return Intention for Thai Labor in Taiwan Grad--International Affairs 2013-09-11
Chung-Han Haung The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in urban unemployment and welfare Changes-An Intertemporal General Equilibrium Model Grad-Economics 2006-07-17
Ta-Yu Haung The Performance Impact of Firm’s Resource Allocation Grad--Management 2006-08-14
Cheng- Chung Haung The Evaluation on the Effectiveness of the On-the-Job Training in Kinmen National Park. Grad-Tourism 2007-06-11
Hung-Shen Haung The Analysis of Bancassurance’s Influence On Business Performance of the Property Insurance Company -- Evidence Analysis of CVP Model Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2009-07-08
Shin-Yu He Exploring Creative Industries Policy Attitude and Tourism Development from the Taiwan Central Government's Point of View Grad--Tourism 2012-08-09
Jia-Jing He A Study of the Relationship between Alienation and Facebook Using Motivation of the Junior High School Eight-grade-students -Take an Example for the G Junior High School in Taoyuan City Grad-Education 2015-07-06
Ting-Hsuan He A Study on the Third Parties’ Rights against the Liability Insurers Grad-Law 2015-07-10
I-Liang Hiseh Wavelet-based VaR estimation Grad-Finance 2006-06-26
Chin-Ping Ho Research on Critical success factors in Chinatimes Business Process Reengineering Grad--Communications Management 2005-03-09
Sie-Jang Ho An Empirical Study between Corporate Governance Mechanism and Bank Risk Taking Grad-Accounting 2005-06-18
Li-Chun Ho The Influence of Communication Medium, Interpersonal Communication Competence, and Communication Satisfaction on Self-Efficiency - Evidence From Employees at electron and bank industries in Taiwan Grad--Management 2005-07-09
Chien-Hsing Ho Using Data Mining to Construct the Investment and Exit Warning Model from the Point of View of Venture Capital Grad-Finance 2005-07-25
Yi-Hsuan Ho The Effect of Guarantee Components on Consumers’ Pre-Purchase Evaluations -An Example of Service Products Grad--Management 2005-08-15
Yen-Yun Ho The Study of the Trackback Intention on Blog Grad--Management 2006-06-28
Chien-Chung Ho Cash-Flow-at-Risk for non-financial industry :A case study of Formosa Plastics Corporation in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2006-07-26
Chun-Ying Ho Legal Issues and Case Studies on the “Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest“ Grad-Law 2006-08-20
An-Chi Ho The Relationships between CCP & PLA in Hu Jintao’s Era Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2007-06-06
Yu-Chen Ho A Study of Consumers’ Purchase Intentions toward Retail Store Brands in the Food Sector Grad-Tourism 2007-06-15
Erh-Yuan Ho Research on the personality traits and leisure constraints of the Military-Take the Air Force Officer as an Example Grad-Tourism 2007-07-05
Li-Li Ho A Study on the Influence of Life Education Course upon the Self-concept and Behavior- problem of Junior High School Students--A Case Study of Jin-chen Junior High School Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-20
Pei-Chuan Ho A Study of Interactive Multimedia Interpretation Effects on the Internet at the Taipei Confucius Temple Grad-Tourism 2007-08-03
Chun-Hsien Ho The Mechanism of Transformation of Social Capital in Religious Organization:The Case of Taiwan Soka Association Grad-Public Affairs 2008-02-19
Chi-Yuan Ho Effect of Taiwan Business Bank's Brand Relationship on Brand Extension in Financial Service Industry:Evidence on Small and Medium Enterprises Grad--International Business 2008-06-03
Hung-Chieh Ho Does high audit quality enhance firms’ earnings quality - From the Perspective of book-tax differences? Grad-Accounting 2008-06-26
Hung-Hsin Ho China's Overseas Chinese Policy in Southeast Asia in a Globalized World Grad--International Affairs 2008-06-26
Yu-Ju Ho The Study of Being Included in Hereditary Houses (Shijia) of Five Meritorious Courtiers in Early Han Dynasty in“Historical Records”(“Shiji”) Grad--Applied Chinese 2008-07-08
Po-Sung Ho A Study on Applying “Change Management” to Zhouyi Grad--Applied Chinese 2008-08-15
Tzu-Ming Ho Research On Risk Perception With Female Patients Taking Of Mammography─Apply Health Belief Model Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2008-08-15
Mei-Jane Ho The Motivation,Involvement,and Work Performance Study on Female Volunteers in Non-profit Organizations Grad-Public Affairs 2008-09-01
Shan-shan Ho Bancassurance: A Study on The Channel Strategy of The Life Insurance Company Grad--International Business 2009-05-20
Chia-wei Ho The Impact of Personal Values and Green Knowledge on Green Attitude and Green Behavior -- with rewards as moderator Grad--International Business 2009-05-23
HSIEN-CHI HO A Study of Job change willing and Job satisfaction for Taiwan Tourleader Grad-Tourism 2009-06-26
Yung-Shin Ho The Study for the China and ASEAN Free Trade Area of Construction Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2009-07-13
Chi-Yu Ho International Division of Labor and Operational Strategy of Toyota --Using Japan, Taiwan and China as Examples -- Grad--Applied Japanese 2009-07-10
Min- Chih Ho The research of China’s Cultural Diplomacy under Hu Jin Tao’s Period-As an Example of “Confucius Institute” Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2009-07-15
Song-Yuh Ho The Effect of Diversification, Bank Governance and Bank Characteristics on Bank Value-A Case of Taiwanese Banks Grad-Finance 2009-07-19
Yen-Ling Ho Analysis of the Linkage between Electronic Money andSeigniorage Revenues: the Example of Taiwan Grad-Economics 2009-07-27
Cheng-Chih Ho The Case Study on Taiwan’s 2nd Tier Digital Camera Companies Developing the Process of Blue Ocean Strategy School--Management 2009-08-20
HSHIN-YI HO The Influence Factors of Relation-specific Investment of Taiwanese OEM Suppliers Grad--International Business 2010-06-05
Chia-Ju Ho Brand Attitude as a Mediate Role on Purchase Intention: Moderating by Advertising Cultural Position and Persuasion Route Grad--International Business 2010-06-12
Min-Hsien Ho The effects of Product Types and Information Processing Model on Persuasion Grad--Management 2010-06-29
Ming-Hui Ho A study of Qiu Kui 'Diaoji Poetry' Grad--Applied Chinese 2010-07-12
Wei-Hua HO The Study of Senior Officers "Work-Family Conflict" School--Management 2010-08-01
Shu-Chang Ho A Case Study of Departmentalization: Perspective of Integrating Six Management Elements Grad--International Business 2011-05-27
Yi-Hsuan Ho The Impact of Event Marketing on Global City Through Taipei Flora Grad--International Business 2011-05-28
Meng-Chuan Ho The Relationship between Product Market Power and Stock Market Liquidity: The Case of Taiwan Electronic Industry Grad-Finance 2011-06-17
Hsing-Rung Ho Capital Flight in Taiwan: Empirical Evidence Grad-Economics 2011-07-11
Hsin-Lun Ho Analysis of the New Trend of Patent Law on the Protection of the Biotechnology Grad-Law 2011-08-10
Chih-Yin Ho Of female workers in the information industry under the pressure of the working relationship with their job performance - the female personality to interfere with the variable Grad--Information Management 2011-08-08
Jei-Ying Ho The Action Research on Life Education Curriculum by the Animal Protection Concept for 4th Grade Students in Elementary School Grad-Education 2012-05-27
Yi-shsuan Ho The Sovereign Crisis and Contagion in Financial Markets Grad-Accounting 2012-06-18
Cheng-Fong Ho The Impact of High Brand Company’s Corporate Governance, Brand Value and Diversification on Business Performance–Study on Taiwan Businesses Grad--Management Administration 2012-07-19
Chih-Hsiang Ho The Relationship between IPO Decision and Corporate Governance Grad-Finance 2013-06-17
Yin-Chen Ho Current Development and Legislation Direction of Domestic Payment Industry Grad-Finance 2013-06-18
Chung-Lin Ho Bank Market Value, Bank Market Competition, Bank Efficiency and Bank Risk: Evidence from European Union Countries Grad-Accounting 2013-06-27
Kuan-Lin Ho Foreign investment report on 08 'before and after the influence of Taiwan's stock market and persistent Grad-Finance 2013-06-23
Chuhg-Ju Ho Taiwan listed and OTC-listed companies aggressive financing behavior cause Grad-Finance 2013-08-29
Chien-Wei Ho The Impacts of Workplace Spirituality toward Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Case of Employees of M Restaurant Group in Kaohsiung. Grad--Tourism 2014-06-06
SU-YAO HO On the Study of marketing operational key risk indicators for ordinary individual life insurance Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2014-06-17
Yu-Chen Ho I Can Do That: The Effects of Narrative Self-Referencing Advertising on Employee's Imitation Intention Grad--Tourism 2014-07-01
Wan-Lin HO Study on Aiya's Prose Grad--Applied Chinese 2014-07-08
Yu-Shou Ho The Impact of National Highway Polices’Leisure Activity Patterns on Job Stress Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2014-08-12
Ping-Jui Ho Measurement and Analysis of Human Body's Balance Ability with Static and Dynamic Standing Postures Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2015-04-15
Chuan-Yu Ho The Study of Enhancing the Learning Effect of Resolution of the Similar Word and Phrase-Making among Handicapped Students by utilizing Interactive Whiteboard Combine Literacy Teaching:A Case of a Learning Disabilities Student in Elementary School. Grad-Education 2015-06-27
Li-Chuan Ho A Study on Activating Domestic Electronic Payments in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2015-06-29
Kuang-I Ho Deconstruction and Reconstruction :The Research on the Industrialization of Cultural Narrative in Matsu Grad-Public Affairs 2015-07-12
Hao-Chung Hong Technical Efficiency Comparison and Influence In Taiwan Bank’s Industry Grad--Management 2005-08-23
Miao-Fen Hong The Impact of Subsidiary’s Business and Technical Embeddedness on its Role as a Capability Provider within the MNC Grad--International Business 2005-07-08
Nien-Chi Hong Possibility valuation of the Kinmen airport terminal facilities BOT Grad-Public Affairs 2006-08-02
Shu-Hui Hong An Introspective and Retrospective Diary Study of Extensive Reading:A Case Study in French Language Learning Grad--Applied English 2007-07-18
Ruey-Feng Hong Stress, Coping Strategy, and Satisfactions for the concurrently administrative superior function-holding teachers of the Elementary School in Taipei Grad-Education 2008-06-26
Fu-Jen Hong A Research on the On-line Knowledge Community and Employee Job Performance Grad--Information Management 2008-08-22
Yu-Ting Hong The Long-Run Performance of Acquirer Firms after M&A - Measuring by the Intrinsic Value Grad-Finance 2009-07-01
Jia-Yu Hong The research of Bang-E He’s “Ye-Tan-Sui-Lu” Grad--Applied Chinese 2010-01-08
Ja-Yong Hong A study on combining World Wind API to design assisted system for maritime rescue Grad--Information Management 2012-08-22
Cheng-En Hong Device Free Positioning Based to Construct Smart Home System Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2013-02-01
Shu-hua Hong The Feasible Study on Over all Implemention and Contracting Out for Vehicle Driving License Test in Taiwan Grad-Public Affairs 2014-07-10
Wei-Ting Hong Mining Closed High Utility Mobile Sequential Pattern Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2014-08-25
Jing-Pei Hong The Research of Relationship between Customer Value Evaluation and Satisfaction for Family - Oriented Activity in Tourism Factory Grad--Communictions Management 2015-07-12
Yung-Tung Hong  The study of household’s mortgage burden in Taipei and Taoyuan City Grad-Finance 2015-01-22
Sook-Fun Hor A study on the intention to use Facebook mobile Grad--Communictions Management 2012-01-03
JINN-DAR Horng The Study of the Relative Factor for the Staff of Household Registration Office--Taipei City Government as a Model Grad-Public Affairs 2009-07-21
Yu-Pin Horng The Impacts of Workplace Spirituality toward Organizational Commitments. Grad--Tourism 2014-01-09
Pei-Chun Hou A Content Analysis on Biodiversity in Junior-High-School Mandarin Textbooks Grad-Education 2005-07-27
Shiao-Jui Hou The Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction - An Empirical Study on One of the International Express Companies in Taiwan Grad--International Business 2006-06-05
Ya-Chi Hou The tendency and characteristic of reversal word in Japanese and Chinese language-Focusing on coordinate constructions- Grad--Applied Japanese 2006-06-23
Chun-Chi Hou Applying fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making method to evaluate the key capabilities of the China Times. Grad--Communications Management 2007-06-17
Ku-Ta Hou The Study of Choices and Motives of Corporate Derivatives Use. Grad--International Business 2009-06-12
Li-Fang Hou Research of The Expert Teacher Reading Education Grad-Education 2010-06-06
Yi-Feng Hou A Study of Married Female Immigrants' Adjustments to New Life and Their Social Networks in Taoyuan County Grad-Public Affairs 2010-07-19
Shin-An Hou The Global Clearing Counter of Credit Derivatives: The Illumination and Evolution Grad--International Business 2010-07-27
Wan-Chun Hou An Empirical Study of Simplified Conjoint Expected Risk Model: Case on a X Telecommunication Company in Taiwan Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2010-08-04
Wen-Chih Hou The Research in the Layout of Elementary school higher grades Chinese Textbooks Grad--Design Management 2011-01-13
Chin-Chen Hou The Impacts of Restructuring and Relocation of a University on the Organizational Commitment of Its Faculty and Staff :A Case Study of National Taipei University. Grad-Public Affairs 2012-05-24
Yu-Han Hou UK Fund Manager Cascading and Herding Behavior Grad-Finance 2012-07-17
Cheng-Fang Hou A Study of Relationships Among Leadership, Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Job Performance Grad-Public Affairs 2013-07-09
Mei-Ju Hou The Research and Development of Cloud Health Care Systems for Senior Citizens Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2013-07-19
Chang-Lin Hou A Study on Police’s Efforts to Crack Down on Online Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights Grad-Public Affairs 2013-08-14
Po-Jen Hou Using AHP to Explore the Factors Affecting the Mobile Banking Application Design Grad--Information Management 2013-08-21
Chien-Chih Hou Factors affecting behavioral intention to comply with information security policy and perception gaps between users and IT personnel Grad--Information Management 2013-11-20
Cheng-Fu Hou Value at Risk Modeling for Long and Short Positions -Stock Index of Chinese Regional Grad-Finance 2014-07-02
TIEN- KUEI HOU The Effects of the Rate of Institutional Investors on Firm Performance and Stock Returns - Case of Taiwan 50 Component Stocks Grad-Finance 2015-01-20
Ching-Lin Hour Building an Interactive Multimedia 3D Virtual Reality in the Travel Industry – An Example of Cheerlife Hotspring Resort Grad-Tourism 2005-07-24
Ya-Yun Hsen The Effects of E-Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions – Perceived Quality of Product and Degree of Involvement as Moderators Grad--International Business 2006-06-09
Yen-Te Hshin Methods for Identifying Photo Composition of the Panoramic image Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2015-03-09
Jung-Ho Hsia A Qualitative Study of Four Senior High School Students in Taiwan on Their Strategic Reading Processes Grad--Applied English 2009-01-21
TA-PING HSIA Influence of the Consumers’ Environmental Consciousness on Their Support to Airlines Eco-friendly Services ---A Case Study of China Airlines Grad--Tourism 2014-07-02
Shih-Min Hsia A Study about Internet Literacy and Cyberbully Behavior for Public Junior High School Students in Taipei City Grad-Education 2015-06-16
Tsai-Chen Hsia A Study on the Correlation between the Life Skills and the Quality of Life of Junior High School Students Grad-Education 2015-06-26
Tsui-Yun Hsiang The Analysis of Style Relative Performance and Persistence in Performance for Taiwan Equity Funds Grad-Finance 2005-08-02
Wen-Chang Hsiang Customer Satisfaction for Chinese Fast-Food:A Case Study of Formosa Chang School--Management 2010-08-10
Jung hsiang The Role and Functional Transformation of R.O.C. Military - The aftermath of typhoon Morakot, 2009 Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2012-08-17
Ruei-Tzu Hsiao A Study on the Performance and Influential Factors of International Diversification in Taiwan Grad--International Business 2005-01-27
Chung-Cheng Hsiao The Discussion of MNC Subsidiary Performance Through External Network Perspective、Interaction Between Parent and Subsidiary Perspective Grad--International Business 2005-01-27
Shu-Chi Hsiao Firms Resource and Internationalization Motives on the Relationship between Internationalization Entry Timing-An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Firms in Mainland China. Grad--International Business 2005-01-28
Fu-Hsing Hsiao A Study on Announcement Effects and Short Term Managing Performance for Financial Holding Companies Grad-Management Science 2005-05-05
Liu Hsiao I've heard the Sound of Blooming - A narrative Study of a Female Primary School Teacher's Experience of Life Development Grad-Education 2005-06-29
Cheng-Chi Hsiao Nationality Laws of R. O. C and Research on Present Enforcement Grad-Public Affairs 2005-07-25
Shu-Chen Hsiao A Study on the Relationship between Junior High School Technology Coordinators’Work Pressure and Organizational Commitment –An Example of Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli Counties. Grad-Education 2006-06-21
Yu-Chen Hsiao Relationship between Organizational Learning and Creativity:A Case Study of Eastern Home Shopping Grad--Communications Management 2007-06-29
Li-Chuan Hsiao A Study on Key Success Factors of International Tourist Resort Hotels in Taiwan Grad-Tourism 2007-07-03
Hong-En Hsiao Study on Economic Integration of Pearl River Delta Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2007-07-12
Chieh-Hsin Hsiao Relationship between Nontraditional Activities and Financial Performance in Banking Grad-Finance 2007-08-22
Feng-Ming Hsiao The Study of Establishment and Certification of IECQ QC 0800000 HSPM for Electronic Firms Grad--International Business 2008-06-01
Hsiu-Tsu Hsiao On Improving the Performance of New Product Development Project with PDM and ERP System Integration Technology Grad--Management 2008-06-18
Chien-Fu Hsiao The Study of Education Resources Consolidation for the Elementary Schools in Beigan of Lienchiang County Grad-Education 2008-06-27
Wei-Chuan Hsiao The Research of Civil Airport Marketing Strategy-Amoy Airport Grad-Tourism 2008-06-27
Chung-Hui Hsiao On the Study of Influencing Factors of Final Bidding Price for Construction Insurance in the Public-Sector Industries Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2008-07-24
Yeh-Kang Hsiao A Study of Overseas Travel Lifestyles and Motivations of Government Functionaries in Taiwan under Globalization Grad--International Affairs 2009-08-18
Po-Yang Hsiao A Study of the Relationship between Business International Sports Sponsorship and Consumer’s Brand Equity under Globalization Grad--International Affairs 2009-08-24
Shu-Chu Hsiao Loan financial crisis discussions to local spread effect and so on US, Europe and emerging market Grad-Finance 2010-06-30
I-Ling Hsiao The Relationship between Compensation Plan and Earnings Management- The Observation from Pre and Post- Procomp Event Grad-Accounting 2010-07-01
Pei-Shin Hsiao Considering the Context of Public News into the Corporate Default Warning Model Grad-Finance 2010-07-07
Mei-Ling Hsiao The Sudy of Job-Search Self-Efficacy and Negative Affectivity Moderating the Relationship between Work Role and Turnover Intention in Public Sector Grad-Public Affairs 2010-07-28
Chin-Wen Hsiao Study of Impact Regarding the Liberalization of Rates on the Management Performance by Car Dealer as Insurance Agent – Illustrated with H Car Deal as Insurance Agent Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2010-08-11
Mei-Hua Hsiao A Study on Consumer Purchase Intention for Acquiring Accident Insurance with Property Insurance Industry Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2011-08-19
Chia-Chi Hsiao An Empirical Study On The Control Of Auto Insurance Loss Ratio By Using The Risk Homeostasis Theory Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2011-08-23
Yong-En Hsiao Motivation Factors to Enhance Employee Work Values and Organizational Commitment— An Investigation of Hotel Industry Grad--Tourism 2012-06-18
Po-Lun Hsiao Leadership Management Exchange, Management Resource Justice in related on the effects Job Involvement, Job Performance. School--Management 2012-07-19
Chao-Ming Hsiao A unified framework of the cloud computing service model Grad--Information Management 2012-08-08
Ju-Yin Hsiao The Application of Interactive Installation Art Design and Research to Address Greenhouse Effect Issues Grad--Commerical Design 2013-01-11
Wei-Chi Hsiao A Study of Non-Life Insurance Industry Professionals' Unethical Behavior Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2013-07-05
Lu-Ching Hsiao Study on the Use of artificial methods inducing Agarwood Formation from the callus of Aquilaria plant Grad--Biotechnology 2013-08-07
Chuan-Mo Hsiao RMB clearing system in offshore centers- Taiwan, Hong Kong Grad-Finance 2013-08-29
Wei-Ting Hsiao Kinect-Based Facial Reconstruction Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2014-01-09
Fei-Yun Hsiao A Study on Cooperative Learning in English Learning Achievement for 6th Grade Students —A Case of C Elementary School in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2014-06-08
Li-Wei Hsiao Crab with a portable ECG lightweight design and mitten cardiac changes in response to changes in the environment Grad--Biotechnology 2014-09-15
Chia-Li Hsiao Investigation: The Business Model of T Cable TV Company School--Management 2015-06-21
Wen-Shu Hsiao The Effect of Colleagues’ Complains on Employees’ Well-Being & Turnover Intention: the Moderating Effect of Workplace Friendship Grad--Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology 2015-06-24
I-Han Hsiao The Packaging Design and Creating Research of Male Skin Care Products Grad--Commerical Design 2015-07-02
Yi-Fan Hsieh The Research of ISP Customer Churn Prediction Model Grad--Information Management 2005-05-24
Fen-Jung Hsieh Impact of CEO Characteristics and Firm Attributes on the Choice of Foreign Market Entry Timing and Entry Mode Grad--International Business 2005-06-06
Yi-Tse Hsieh A study of wavelet transform based fast image compression Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2005-06-20
Shiue-Yi Hsieh 作者未提供 Grad-Management Science 2005-06-22
SHU-CHUN HSIEH How can an elementary school teacher help an epileptic school child? Take the student, YANG, AI, in my teaching class as an example Grad-Education 2005-07-04
Shih-Wei Hsieh The Study of Relationship between Marketing and Technical Knowledge in Feasibility Study-Case of DSC Grad--International Business 2005-07-06
Mei-Yu Hsieh Analysis of the cost and profit of “Fresh Player” Grad-Economics 2005-07-19
Hsu-Hui Hsieh Strategic Groups Analysis of Process and Methodology Grad--Information Management 2005-07-22
Mi-Huan Hsieh Analyze the Operating Performance under Panel Data Structure for Publicly Listed Companies in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2005-08-24
Chih-Wei Hsieh The Study of Cian Jhong-Shu's The Fotress Besieged Grad--Applied Chinese 2005-12-27
Shun-Chi Hsieh How Parenting Styles affect children’s development in Emotional Intelligence--A Correlational Study of Junior High School Students Grad-Education 2006-06-26
Min-Chi Hsieh Incremental and Interactive Web Traversal Pattern Mining Grad--Information Management 2006-07-28
Yu-Yueh Hsieh A Study of the New Female Emigrants' Employment problem in Kinmen County Grad-Public Affairs 2006-08-02
Chen-Hsien Hsieh Research of Carries on The Price Factor Discussion for The Example With The Real Estate That From Major Area of Keelung Taipei Makes A Deal in The Recent Four Years from AMC Grad--Management 2006-08-09
Tsung-Lin Hsieh The Evaluation and Creation of Visual Image Design of Cultural and Creative Industry Applied in Tao-Mi Eco-Village at PuLi Township Grad--Creative Design 2006-08-13
Yi-Chuan Hsieh A Study of the Web Design and Management of E-Marketing of the OBM Fashion Industry Grad--Design Management 2006-08-15
Kuan-Wei Hsieh The Research of Huang–Jyuan’s “The Yang-Mei Trilogy” Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-01-26
Wen-Chia Hsieh Study on after three little direct links Jinmen coast crime detect effect of defending of and looking forward to Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2007-06-29
Kuo-Chang Hsieh The Concept of Democratic Consolidation and Its Application to Taiwan-Theory and Measurement Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-10
SUNG-HUA HSIEH The Process from Colonial Urban-history to the Recent Development of Industry in Dalian Grad--Media Space Design 2007-07-20
Pei-Chin Hsieh The Relationships among Construed External Image, Service Quality and Consumer-Company Identification on Behavior Intention Grad--Management 2007-07-24
Tung-Lung Hsieh The Study on Perceptions of Politics, Procedural Justice and Turnover Intention in Performance Appraisal – An Example on Bank’s Employee in Taipei Grad--Management 2007-08-08
Sheng-Ying Hsieh An Empirical Study of Whether Abnormal Returns Do Exist When Companies Have Impact of Proxy Solicitation Grad--Management 2007-07-26
Bing-Chi Hsieh A Study on Knowledge Sharing Intention of Employee from the Motivation Theory Grad--Information Management 2007-08-27
Hui-Yin Hsieh The Narrative Research of Character Education by the Teaching Praxis of an Elementary School Teacher Grad-Education 2008-06-18
Jyh-Kuen Hsieh A Study of the Roles and Functions of Councils for Community Residents of Cities in Mainland China Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2008-06-10
Hsu-Chu Hsieh Study of Relationships Among Sources of Work Stress, Strategies of Coping With Stress and Burnout-Taking Special Agents as Examples Grad--Management 2008-06-19
Yu-Chin Hsieh From the Viewpoint of Core Competence to Investigate the Key Workflow Process and Information Processing–A Trading Company as Empirical Case Grad--Information Management 2008-08-14
Wen-Lin Hsieh Factors in promoting digital rights certificates Grad--Information Management 2008-08-18
Han-Tang Hsieh The Study of the Relationship of International Environment Uncertainty、 Recruitment and Performance Appraisal – the Case of Foreign Directly Investment of Taiwanese High Technology Industry Grad--International Affairs 2009-01-13
Li-chu Hsieh A Study on the Relationship of Money Attitude and Consumer Behavior between the Fifth and Sixth Graders of Elementary School in Taipei County Grad-Education 2009-05-21
Rong-Jyun Hsieh The Announcement Effect of Insider Selling –Evidences from IPO Firms in the OTC Markets Grad-Finance 2009-07-02
Meng-Yen Hsieh A Case Study on Benefits of On-Job-Training--in the Viewpoints of Both Head of Labor Force and Employees Hired by Business Hotel Grad-Tourism 2009-07-08
You-Ling Hsieh The Influences of the Configuration of Shopping Centers on Shoppers’ Preference and Wayfinding Behavior- A Case Study of Miramar in Taipei Grad--Architecture and Urban Disaster Management 2009-07-09
Chia-Tien Hsieh The Study of Product Placement and Brand Equity to Purchase Intention─A Case of movie 《Cape No. 7》 Grad--Communications Management 2009-07-15
Ta-Wen Hsieh The adult receives a training and obtains it of continent certificates Learning motivation, learns to hinder and the research of the certificates choice School--Management 2009-07-15
Shan-Ni Hsieh The Impact of Bank Staff’s Emotional Labor and Emotional Exhaustion on Job Satisfaction and Job Resignation Grad--Management 2009-07-21
Min-kuang Hsieh The Review of Media Management Research in Taiwan Grad--Communications Management 2009-07-27
Yun-Hsin Hsieh Uncertainty of Commodity Attributes and the Regret Effect on Consumer’s Purchase Decisions: An Example of Frozen Coffee Grad-Economics 2009-07-27
Yau-Chou Hsieh Taiwan Labor Elder Caring and Economy Protection Research Grad-Economics 2009-08-26
Yun-Han Hsieh The Discussion of Corporate Governance, Operating Efficiency, and a Failure Prediction Model Grad--International Business 2010-06-11
Ho-Sheng Hsieh Online Consensus Mobilization ─the case study of 2008 the Wild Strawberries Movement Grad--Communications Management 2010-06-28
Ya-Ling Hsieh A Relational Study of Parenting Styles and Psychological Capital for Junior High School Students in Taipei Grad-Education 2010-07-01
Min-Chun Hsieh A Study of Civil Servant’s Person-Organization Fit Influence on Turnover Intention: The Moderating Role of Perceived Job Mobility Grad-Public Affairs 2010-07-11
Pei-Wen Hsieh Reduce the cognitive dissonance of information temporary agency worker on Human Resources Management Grad--Information Management 2010-08-15
Yen-Chou Hsieh The Design and Implement of Ubiquitous WSN Agent on Open Source Smartphone Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2010-08-18
Shu-Yi Hsieh A Study of Relationships among Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility, Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior:Empathy as a Moderated Mediator Grad--Counseling and Industrial -organizational Psychology 2011-07-26
Ting-Fang Hsieh A Study of the Consumers Purchase Travel Products Produced by Airlines Alliance Grad--Tourism 2011-07-20
Ren-Jie Hsieh Designing an Expert Location System Combing Semantic Similarity and Social Capital Grad--Information Management 2011-08-01
CHENG-HUNG HSIEH The Study of Appropriateness of Organizational Change’ Effect on Civil Servants’ Attitude-A Case of Three-Hierarchies at Kinmen County Police Bureau Grad-Public Affairs 2011-08-08
Meng-Fang Hsieh The relationship between different time-expiration options moneyness: Evidence from Taiwan options market Grad-Finance 2011-08-18
Yi-Chun Hsieh Integration and Application with R in SAS/IML Studio–Practical Study of Stock Price of Foxconn Technology Company Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2012-06-06
Chi-Pei Hsieh A Study on Source of Administrative Job Stress and Leisure Participation of the Public Kindergarten Teacher in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2012-06-12
Yi-Hui Hsieh The Impact of Day-Trading on Volatility and Liquidity in Taiwan Stock Market Grad-Finance 2012-06-25
Ming-Chien Hsieh The study of the relationship quality of service recovery and customer loyalty – Case of Sushi Express Grad--Tourism 2012-07-03
Tung-Ku Hsieh Study of Return-Risk for Canadian Income Trust Grad-Finance 2012-07-11
Ming-Sung Hsieh A case study on the digitization and marketing of the collection of the Department of Rare Books & Documents, National Palace Museum Grad--Communictions Management 2012-07-12
Yi-Chien Hsieh A Study on Environmental Atmosphere, Experiential Emotion and Behavior Intention of the tourists in Taipei for Pavilion of Dreams from July 2011 to June 2012 Grad--Communictions Management 2012-07-20
Yu-Miao Hsieh Exploring the Organizational and Functional Transformation at Industrial Park Service Centers under MOEA: The Example of Guishan Industrial Park. Grad-Public Affairs 2012-08-16
Chia-jung Hsieh The Impacts of Part-time Working Experience and Working Value to the Learning Attitude of Vocational High school Students Majoring in Food and Beverage Management Grad--Tourism 2012-08-21
Chia-Hung Hsieh The Factors Affect Knowledge Transfer within MNCs Subsidiaries – A Study of Bio-Technology Industry in Taiwan Grad--International Business 2013-05-22
Ru-Chun Hsieh The Study on Motivation, Experience and Benefit with Religious Tourism in Beigan of Matsu. Grad--Tourism 2013-06-07
Kai-Hsin Hsieh R&D investments and firms performance -Evidence from Research Quotient (RQ) Grad--International Business 2013-06-14
Hsuan-Hua Hsieh A Study on the Relationships between Team Teaching and Teacher Professional Growth as Perceived by Public Kindergarten Teachers in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2013-06-18
Chih-Hung Hsieh Empirical Research on The Housing Street Level Adjustment Rate and The House Price----Taking Taipei as the Example Grad-Finance 2013-06-28
Chia-Yi Hsieh On the Effectiveness of Technical Indicators – Evidence from the Listed Finance Sector and Finance Sector Index Futures in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2013-07-04
Hua-Nien Hsieh A Case Study on Solving the e-Transaction Customer Segmentation Problems Grad--Management 2013-07-04
Chia-Yi Hsieh The Effect of Brand Experience on Brand Loyalty:Brand Attachment as Mediator Grad--Management Administration 2013-08-09
MING-HUNG HSIEH The Discussion of〈Critical biography of Yuan Chonghuan〉by Jin-Yong Grad--Applied Chinese 2013-08-13
Bi-Cheng Hsieh Analysis of Manufacturing Servitization against Core Brand Value and Value Creation Taking Energy Saving Technical Service as an Example School--Management 2013-08-20
Ya-Chen Hsieh Impact of the magnet effect on short-sales constraints and investor type: Evidence from the Taiwan stock market Grad-Finance 2014-06-16
Hsiu-Ching Hsieh Research on Junior High Teachers’Recognition towards the Test-Free Senior High School Admission Program in 12-year Basic Education System: A Case Study of Satisfaction Degree in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2014-06-17
Wen-Wen Hsieh A Study of Emerging Market Entry Strategy: Consumer Electronic Products in Brazil Grad--International Business 2014-06-22
Ping-Ping Hsieh A Study on the Interactive Relationship between Forward Price Earnings Ratio and Revenue Growth on Stock Price Return Grad--Information Management 2014-06-21
Chen-Yu Hsieh The Causal Analysis of Voice Climate and Organizational Identification’s Influence on Civil Servant’s Silence Grad-Public Affairs 2014-07-05
Tsung-An Hsieh A Study of Surrealism Line Drawings Applying to the Topic of Stray Dogs Grad--Commerical Design 2014-08-27
Yi-Hui Hsieh The dream signs research of “Song Eminent Monk Biography” Grad--Applied Chinese 2015-01-06
Ching-Hsun Hsieh The Study of Game Rehabilitation via Using Somatosensory Machine with Self-defined 3D Movement Identification Interacting and StarCraft Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2015-01-19
Chin-Yeh Hsieh Autoregressive Model Prediction Intervals under the Mean Square Error Criterion Grad-Finance 2015-01-26
Hsiao-Chien Hsieh Using Augmented Reality build to mobile learning App Grad--Information Management 2015-01-20
Meng-Fen Hsieh A Study of Tourism Attraction and Experience Value in Battle Tunnels of Kinmen Grad--Tourism 2015-06-18
Ling-Wei Hsieh Relationships Among Group-buying Behavior Participation,Workplace Friendship and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Grad--Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology 2015-06-26
TSUI-YING HSIEH The Research of Suh-Fen, Tsai's"All the Stars Are Talking" Grad--Applied Chinese 2015-07-01
HAN-CHANG, CHIANG HSIEH Examing Factors that Cause Mobile Gamer’s Continuance participation for Game Fans Pages –A Case Study of Mobile Game “Tower of Saviors” Grad--Management Administration 2015-06-30
Cheng-Ha Hsieh The Study of the Influence of Leadership Styles on Work Group Effectiveness in Military Grad-Public Affairs 2015-07-07
Dung-Shing Hsieh The Study of the Relationships among Non-performing Loan Ratio, Financial Ratios and Domestic Economic Factors Grad-Finance 2015-07-19
Ying-Hsiao Hsieh The Study on Business Strategy in Mainland China for Taiwan Banks Grad-Public Affairs 2015-08-02
Wen-Wen Hsieh A Study of the Relationship among Authoritarian Leadership, Interactional Justice and Interpersonal Deviance : The Moderating Role of Power Distance Grad--Management Administration 2015-08-24
Meng-Ren Hsieh A Study of University Students Employment by Using Data Mining Technology Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2015-09-03
Cheng-Huan Hsieh The study of hand gesture recognition based on SIFT Grad--Information Telecommunications Engineering 2015-09-11
Yi-Yao Hsien Appling Fuzzy Mulit-Criteria Decision-Making Method to Evaluate The Key Capabilities of Eastern Broadcasting Company Grad--Communications Management 2009-07-22
TSAI HSIEN The Study of Defense Mobilization Mechanism under the Concept of Civil Defense Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2010-07-13
Ming-Chieh Hsin HUMAN CAPITAL AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Grad-Economics 2006-06-29
Kuo-ying Hsin Impact Analysis of the International Supervision and Governance on Enterprise Internal Control and Auditing Grad-Finance 2008-08-22
Yu-Wen Hsing A Comparative Study on Chinese Editions of the Women's Magazine in Taiwan and China— A Case Study on ELLE and COSMOPOLITAN Magazine Grad--Communications Management 2008-08-19
Chi-Chi Hsing A Study of Reading Cell Phone Dynamic Texts in Simulated Walking Scenarios Grad--Design Management 2009-08-20
Wen-Chi Hsiu The Management Quality and Free Cash Flow Grad-Finance 2006-07-06
Chien Hsiung Product-, Corporate-, and Country-Image Dimensions and Purchase Behavior: Online Game Grad--Management 2006-08-03
Ying-Chun Hsiung Locus of control,Social support,Emotion intelligence and Academic achievement for junior high school students in Banciao City. Grad-Education 2007-06-02
Cheng-hui Hsiung The Study on the Key Factors of Investment Linked Insurance Buying Decision Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2008-08-12
Chih-Cheng Hsu Genetic Algorithms for Constructing multiple Consensus Evolutionary Trees Using Bootstrapping and Maximum Likelihood Criterion Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2005-01-26
Li-Kun Hsu The study of the relationship between speed of international expansion and performance Grad--International Business 2005-02-21
Sheng-Yen Hsu 作者未提供 Grad-Economics 2005-04-10
Wei-Lin Hsu A Study of the Jewelry Market Segmentation in Taiwan : Using Lifestyle as Variable School--Mamagement 2005-05-09
Jiun-Chyi Hsu A Study of Customer Relationship Management for Tourist Hotel from the Perspective of Click-and-Mortar Marketing Grad-Management Science 2005-05-12
Wei-Chang Hsu A Study on the Relationship between Absorptive Capacity, Technological Characteristics, Technological Acquisition Mode and Innovation Performance in the Information Industry Grad--Information Management 2005-05-26
Chun-Yu Hsu An Architecture and Analysis and Design Method for e-Marketing Management Information System Grad--Information Management 2005-06-10
Yu-Ying Hsu An Architecture and Analysis and Design method for Customer Knowledge Management Information System Grad--Information Management 2005-06-10
Chun-Sen Hsu Firm Characteristics, Cost of Equity Capital and Information Disclosure: Evidence from Taiwan IC Design Industry Grad-Accounting 2005-06-15
Tung-Yu Hsu Accruals, Cash flow,and CEO Compensation -An Empirical Study Grad-Accounting 2005-06-20
Chun-Li Hsu A Study on Relationships among Service Failure. Customer Complaint, Service Recovery and Customer Satisfaction in Mass Rapid Transit System. Grad-Tourism 2005-06-13
Wan-Ling Hsu The Relationship between Principals’ transformational Curriculum Leadership and Teachers’ Teaching Effectiveness in Junior High School -An Example of Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2005-07-02
Wei-Chuan Hsu The Fuction of Eileen Chang's Short Story Dialogue Grad--Applied Chinese 2005-06-30
Chiun-Sheng Hsu Integrated Anycast End-to-End QoS Routing on DiffServ Networks Grad--Information Management 2005-07-06
Hsiu-Chin Hsu Relative Implied-Volatility Spreading: Evidence from Taiwan Warrant Market Grad-Finance 2005-07-07
YU-CHAO HSU A Study of Management Strategies of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Company Grad-Public Affairs 2005-07-20
Yung-Pin Hsu An Empirical Analysis on the Information Content of the Form of Going-Concern Opinions Grad-Accounting 2005-07-22
En-Ping Hsu The Risk Value of Banks in Taiwan Area Grad-Economics 2005-07-21
Ya-Li Hsu Teacher's Immediacy and Students' Willingness to Communicate (WTC): Perceived teacher's verbal immediacy behaviors in English class Grad--Applied English 2005-07-22
Chen-her Hsu The Assessment of English Vocabulary Knowledge: Vocabulary Size and Knowledge of Lexical Collocation Grad--Applied English 2005-07-26
Lan-Yi Hsu Target Marketing Research of the Fitness and Health Club-A case study of Gold’s Gym Grad-Tourism 2005-07-27
Yun-Cheng Hsu The Analysis of Competition Strategy of VoIP Service Providers School--Mamagement 2005-08-25
Tair-Jin Hsu A Study on the Construction of Airline Ticketing E- Learning System Grad-Tourism 2005-12-20
Min-Chin Hsu Designing Experiencial Strategies on the Establishment of brnad by Small and Medium Enterprises: The Case Study of Leisure Farming Grad--International Business 2006-05-19
Yu-Ting Hsu Brand Building by Small and Medium Non-Profit Organization-An Application of Brand Value Pyramid Grad--International Business 2006-06-06
Chih-Kai Hsu The Influence of Network Externalities on Location Choice for Taiwanese Companies in China Grad--International Business 2006-06-08
Yu-Ching Hsu The Evaluation Criteria of Taiwanese TV Series:From Producers and Scriptwriters’ Viewpoints Grad--Communications Management 2006-06-15
Chang-Wei Hsu The research of the technology of the classification for the text documents by using Data Mining - Take the classification for the network news as an example - Grad--Information Management 2006-06-15
Wei-Lun Hsu A Study for Factors Influencing the Product Placement of Taiwan TV Advertising Department Grad--Communications Management 2006-06-15
Wan-Pin Hsu A Primary Study Refers to the Disequilibrium of Secondary School Teacher’s Supply and Demand as Well as It’s Adapation Strategies Grad-Education 2006-06-16
Sheng-Chieh Hsu A Study of Restaurant Environment for College Students’ Dating-An Example of Students in National Taiwan Normal University District Grad--Media Space Design 2006-06-16
Chang-Ten Hsu The Study of Consumer Behavior Researches and Market Segmentation In Medicine Cosmetic Industries- Market Segmentation by lifestyle Model School--Mamagement 2006-06-28
Chien-Wen Hsu The Study of Community College Learners’ Learning Motivation and Learning Satisfaction to the Impact of Learners’ Further Learning Willingness:An example of Linkou Community College Grad-Education 2006-06-24
CHEN-CHEN HSU A Study on Relationships among Factors Affecting Exhibitor’s Choices, Trade Show Performances, and Organizational Repurchasing Intention in Trade Show Travel Agency Grad-Tourism 2006-06-30
Chiao-Ling Hsu Some Probable Issues In The New Labor Pension System In Taiwan Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2006-07-02
Min-Sung Hsu The Effect of Personal Characteristics and Organization Factors on Transfer of Training-The Example of Volunteer Participating the Growing Training Held by Tao-Yuan County Grad-Public Affairs 2006-07-03
Mao-Wei Hsu Hang Seng Index Volatility Analysis :Expiration Day Effect and Spillover Effect Grad-Finance 2006-07-20
Ruei-Jen Hsu A Study of Consuming Experience in Delicate Supermarket Grad--Design Management 2006-07-20
Jin-Yuan Hsu The Study of Achievement and Performance Evaluation Mechanism for an Administrative Organization-- With The Small and Medium Enterprises Administration, MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs) As an Example. Grad-Public Affairs 2006-07-25
Chih-Kuo Hsu The Research of Standard Digital Journal System Creation Grad--Information Management 2006-07-28
Hung-Chin Hsu A Study and Analysis of Layout and Design in Graphic Advertisement– Examples from Posters of Military Recruitment Program Grad--Design Management 2006-07-29
Tuan-jung Hsu A Study of the Partnership-Oriented Outsourcing Model for Cultural Institutions -A Case Study of Taipei Zhongshan Hall Grad-Public Affairs 2006-08-01
Pao-sheng Hsu Research of Relationship among Personality , Value, Life Style and Consumers’ Behavior among the Chinese Students of University in Germany and France Grad--Management 2006-08-08
Chia-Hao HSU A Study on the Development of the South Korea Media-Cultural Industry within a Backdrop of Cultural Globalization Grad--International Affairs 2006-08-15
Mei-Hui Hsu A Study of the Finance Management in Design Firms Grad--Design Management 2006-08-15
Yu-Hsiu Hsu The Analysis of Expense Structure and Portfolio Performance on Investment-Oriented Insurance Products Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2006-08-16
Hung-Pin Hsu A Study on the Synthesis of Multi-Viewpoint Images from Multicamera Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2007-01-24
Chiu-Jung Hsu Stress, Personal Traits and Coping Strategies for Student Teachers in Taipei Grad-Education 2007-01-23
Ming-chien Hsu The Study of Tsao Tuan’s Thought On The Neo-Confucianism Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-05-23
CHAO-JUNG HSU A Study of Type A Personality Traits, Job Stress and Coping Strategy for the Female Elementary School Teachers in Taipei County Grad-Education 2007-06-03
Chia-Chi Hsu The Research of Antidumping Law of United States—and the comparison of Antidumping Law among Taiwan, United States and China Grad-Law 2007-05-14
Wen-Hsing Hsu The Impact of Taipei City’s Senior High School Coaches’ Leadership to the Student Athletes’ Training Performance Grad-Education 2007-06-07
Yu-San Hsu A Study of The Relationships among Learning Organization, Professional Growth and School Effectiveness for Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2007-06-25
Ming-Chieh Hsu Comparing the profit effect between the warrant and financing Grad--Information Management 2007-06-27
Jen-Hao Hsu A Study on the Development Method for Customer Knowledge Management Information Systems—A Case of Traveling Industry Grad--Information Management 2007-06-29
Wei-Ting Hsu A case study on home schooling in Taiwan Grad-Education 2007-06-29
Tsu-Peng Hsu A Study of Applying 7-11 location to model the section of hot point mechanism commercial Grad--Information Management 2007-07-09
Ya-Tien Hsu A Study on Two Unrelated Sensitive Questions by Using Randomized Response Model Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2007-07-11
Cheng-Tsung Hsu The Study of People's Spritual Support (Ti-Zang Temple) in Shin-Chuang City of Tiapei County Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-07-16
Yu-Ting Hsu Instructional Hospital Clinic Physicians’ Perceptions to the Medical Instructional Resources Center Services: An Example of a Medical Center Grad-Education 2007-07-18
Ming-Hong Hsu Research on the Organizational Reform and Employee’s Viewpoints toward Resignation and Retirement A Case Study of Bureau of Mines, MOEA (1997-2006) Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-17
Hai-Yin Hsu A Study of Vlog's Advertising Effectiveness Grad--Communications Management 2007-07-19
Yi-Chieh Hsu A Study on the Performance of Outsourcing of the Organizations Subordinate to Kinmen County Government (Examples of Kinmen Division Commander Office Relic and the Cultural Park) Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-21
Chung-Yi Hsu A story about job stress、coping strategy for four junior high school homeroom teachers Grad-Education 2007-07-21
Hsiu-Lien Hsu The Co-opetition Strategy of High Tech Industries: A Case Study of a Leading Firm from Storage Area Network Industry Grad--Information Management 2007-08-20
Wei-Li Hsu Client Importance, Earnings Management, And Modified Audit Opinion Grad-Accounting 2007-08-21
Chia-Fen Hsu Safeguard measures and Competition Policy Grad-Law 2007-08-21
Wei-Lin Hsu A research on Sun Xi-Dan's contradict in"Li chi ji jie" against Zheng Xuan's note Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-08-23
Hau-Chern Hsu Exploring the Influence Factors of Mutual Fund Trading System on Internet Bank with the TAM School--Mamagement 2007-08-25
Chia-Chuang Hsu The Application of Augmented Reality onto Instruction – A Case Study of Nature and Science Grad--Information Management 2007-08-28
Hui-Ling Hsu Research for Huang,Wu-Zhong’s novels Grad--Applied Chinese 2008-06-03
Shu-Jhen Hsu Study on Return on U.S. Real Estate Investment Trust Grad-Economics 2008-06-12
Yeh-Hsiang Hsu A study of the relationship among the shopping website service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Grad--Communications Management 2008-06-26
Chia-Fang Hsu Stocks Returns and ECB Conversion Premium Announcements Grad-Finance 2008-07-02
Shu-Lin Hsu The Relationship between Internal Marketing and Employee’s Customer Orientation-Flight attendants as Example Grad-Tourism 2008-07-05
Pin-Hsun Hsu An Application of Fuzzy MCDM for Evaluating the Visual Design within a Homepage Grad--Design Management 2008-07-11
Yung-Feng Hsu An Empirical Study of Short-term Investor Reaction to Market Shocks on the Equity Indices-Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market Grad--Management 2008-07-23
Wan-Chi Hsu A study of《The Four Books》in common use idiom Grad--Applied Chinese 2008-07-30
Mei-Feng Hsu Research of Long-term Care Policy Execution for the Elderly in Kinmen Grad-Public Affairs 2008-08-03
Wen-Na Hsu A Study on Evaluation Framework for the Call Center Systems from the Information Systems Introducing Perspective: An Example of a Life Insurance Company A Study on Evaluation Framework for the Call Center Systems from the Information Systems Introducing Perspective: An Example of a Life Insurance Company Grad--Management 2008-08-07
Jer-Wei Hsu A Study of Introducing TRIZ Inventive Principles into the Concept Development of Product Form Grad--Design Management 2008-08-12
Yu-Chen Hsu Regression Models for Rough Estimates of Construction Costs Grad--Management 2008-08-15
Shun-Lee Hsu The study of the public relation Strategy in the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium-for the dispute about Belugas show Grad-Public Affairs 2008-08-19
Yu-Ting Hsu Perceived Instructional Behaviors and students' Slef-determination in English Learning Grad--Applied English 2008-08-21
Jui-Ming Hsu The Laws and Regulations about deception Advertisement -Instance of Automobile Advertisement Grad-Law 2008-08-22
Yu-chien Hsu The Study of SMEs Growth Pattern under the Subcontracting relation with big Company - Case Study of Unication Corporation. Grad--Management 2008-08-26
An-Chi Hsu The Dynamics of People Power Revolution in the Philippines in a Globalizing World Grad--International Affairs 2008-08-26
Chih-Chun Hsu The Study of Relationship with the Effects of perceived value, service quality and customer satisfaction for retention in Miaoli area guesthouse Grad-Tourism 2009-01-20
Hsiao-Mei Hsu A Study on Recruitment and Selection of Food &Beverage Top Management in International Tourist Hotels Grad-Tourism 2009-02-25
Lien-Chin Hsu The Impact of Change Acknowledge on Stress Reaction and Job Satisfaction of Military Staff Headquarters at Taiwan, R.O.C. Grad--Management 2009-04-28
Feng-Chi Hsu The Diversification Strategy and Organizational Designation of Business Group:A Case Study of Tatung Group Grad--International Business 2009-01-09
Wen-sung Hsu Study on the Effect of Information Technology Integrated into Teaching with Cooperative Learning in Mathematics on Junior High School Students’ Learning Achievement and Learning Attitude. Grad-Education 2009-05-20
Hong-Wen Hsu Study of Hot Carrier Reliability for n-MOSFET Devices with Hf-Silicate Gate Dielectrics Grad--Electronic Engineering 2009-06-17
Chih-Lung Hsu Taiwan Market Valuation on the Merger of Fubon Holdings and ING Antai Life Insurance (Taiwan) Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2009-06-18
PEI-HSIANG HSU Research on Service Marketing of Exhibition Halls of the Kinmen National Park-A Case Study of Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center Grad-Tourism 2009-07-06
Ya-Ting Hsu Structural Models of Credit Risk are Useful:Evidence from Hedge Ratio on Corporate Bonds Grad-Finance 2009-06-25
Chen-Wei Hsu Research on the Public-Financed Assistants of the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan Grad-Public Affairs 2009-07-08
Chuan-Pin Hsu The Application of Ant Colony Optimization and Anchoring Effect on the Investment Strategies – An Empirical Study of Taiwan Stock Market Grad--Management 2009-07-15
Chan-Jung Hsu The study on the boundaries between press freedom and securities market manipulation — focusing on spreading rumors and false information Grad-Law 2009-07-16
Chiu-hui Hsu Performance Review of Commercial Fire Insurance for a Non-life Insurance Company- Application of Balanced Score Card Approach Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2009-07-17
Yu-Pei Hsu Research On 29 Municipal Government System Reform In Taipei County For The Relevant Problems Of The District Grad-Public Affairs 2009-07-20
HSUAN-YU HSU A narrative study for four female students graduated from graduate School of education-Career、personality and work value viewpoints Grad-Education 2009-07-27
Chung-Ming Hsu A Study of Branding to the B2B Business Model:An Example of Formosa Technologies Corporation Grad--Management 2009-07-28
Wan-Ting Hsu A Case Study of Management Characteristics of Non-profit Organizations under Globalization: International Soka Association Grad--International Affairs 2009-08-06
Ya-Ching Hsu Cultural Value Change of Local Students under the Internaitonal of Education System in the Globalizing Era: A Case Study of the International College of Ming Chuan University Grad--International Affairs 2009-08-28
Ya-Ju Hsu The Application of Japanese Modern Literatures to Japanese Education in Taiwan—A Case of Natsumesoseki’s “Kokoro”— Grad--Applied Japanese 2010-01-20
Pei-Lin Hsu Information Materiality, Property Rights and Full Disclosure- Theories and Practices of Insider Trading Laws Grad-Law 2010-01-26
Yung-An Hsu China Woman NGO Research: The Case of BeiJing Grad-Public Affairs 2010-02-05
Chun-Yao Hsu Antecedents of Trust Toward Partner - The Moderating Effect of Environmental Uncertainty Grad--International Business 2010-06-05
Chien-Chi Hsu The Feasibility of Gambling Zone in Kinmen County - The inspiration of gambling referendum in Penghu County Grad-Public Affairs 2010-06-02
Wen-Tzu Hsu The Application of Data Envelopment Analysis and Combination Encoding Genetic Algorithms– An example of China-concept Stocks in Taiwan Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2010-06-16
Chun-Chih Hsu The Impact on Investment Performance for Taiwan’s Security Traders Based on the WINDEX Approach Grad-Economics 2010-06-24
Hung-Wen Hsu Exploration of the Influence of Web-based Collaborative Learning and Self-regulated Learning on Student Learning Effectiveness Grad-Education 2010-07-05
Yung-Hsi Hsu 關於實施的分析性能FVDA (1999 〜2008 )在金門 Grad-Public Affairs 2010-07-11
Yu-Ping Hsu Evaluating a Set of Junior High School English Textbooks with Criteria Developed on the Basis of CLT Principles Grad--Applied English 2010-07-15
Chia-Yung Hsu A Study on the Interaction of Nonlinear Thresholds in the United States Real Estate, Stock, and Treasury Markets Grad-Finance 2010-07-19
Hui-Ting Hsu Decision Making Factors of Online Game Players Grad--Information Management 2010-07-21
Hsin-I Hsu Children’s independent mobility to school in Taiwanese Satellite towns-a study of Tai-Shan Elementary school Grad--Architecture and Urban Disaster Management 2010-07-22
Jung-chi Hsu The study of work-stress and adaptability of Taipei City Guo-Ming Middle School General Affairs Personnel Grad-Public Affairs 2010-08-09
Shu-Ming Hsu Effect of colored light, viewing condition, and presentation of three-dimensional figures on error in perceived height Grad--Design Management 2010-08-11
Pen-Yun Hsu Examining local factions in Taoyuan County:Three In One Election 2009 of Taoyuan County Grad-Public Affairs 2010-08-18
Mei-Hsiu Hsu A Research on Organization Information Security Improvement-Based on the ISO27001 Grad--Information Management 2010-08-16
Yu-Ting Hsu The Influence of Pet Owner Values and Pet Attachment on Pet Commodities Purchase Values Grad--Management 2010-08-03
Bo-Jr Hsu A Multi-Valued and Sequential Patterns Decision Tree Classifier for Data Mining Grad--Information Management 2010-08-19
Chih-Ying Hsu Interaction Analysis between Microtubule Actin Crosslinking Factor 1 (MACF1) and Desmoplakin Grad--Biotechnology 2010-09-09
Wen-Huang Hsu A study on the present situation of bullying among fifth and sixth grade students in Taoyuan county elementary schools Grad-Education 2011-05-30
Shu-Hui Hsu A Study on the Impact of Franchisor's Attributes on Franchisees' Trust and Commitment Grad--International Business 2011-06-09
Hui-Chun Hsu The Study on the Effects of “Reading Comprehension” via “Summary Instruction” for the Fifth Graders Grad--Applied Chinese 2011-06-06
Wen-Chuan Hsu A Study of Audio Data Digital Archive and Value Added Applications on Radio Taiwan International (RTI) Grad--Communictions Management 2011-06-10
Yun-Ru Hsu The Importance of Travel Ability and Self-efficacy Evaluation with Physical Disabilities Grad--Tourism 2011-06-20
Chih-Hung Hsu The Accuratings Grad-Economics 2011-06-21
Yu-chieh Hsu Quadrophobia: Strategic Rounding of EPS Data Grad-Finance 2011-06-22
Chang-Yen Hsu The Impact of Work Value on Professional Commitment and Job Involvement of Employees in Real Estate Construction between China and Taiwan School--Management 2011-06-27
Hsin-Hsin Hsu The Performance of Emotional Labor among Junior High School Advisors: Narrative Research with Social Support and Explanatory Style as a Thread Grad-Education 2011-07-05
Ping-Chien Hsu A Study on the Congruity of Self-Concept and Purchasing Intention- an Example of Men’s Perfumes Grad--Communictions Management 2011-07-08
Chia-Yuan Hsu Effects of ambient illumination, work-break schedule, and text characteristics on performance of using an electronic book Grad--Product Design 2011-07-12
Shu-Chen Hsu A Study on the Relationship between Forgiveness, Parenting Styles, and Empathy among a Sample of 8thGraders in Taoyuan Grad-Education 2011-07-26
SHU-HUI HSU A Study of Knowledge Management and Personal Performance of Visual Communication Designers Grad--Product Design 2011-07-28
Li-Shu Hsu A Study of the Corporate Social Enterprise Business Strategy—Using Venture Philanthropy Independent Business Type as an Example Grad-Public Affairs 2011-08-10
Sheng-Kai Hsu Sources of Trust on Firm Operation in China- The Eastern Trust and The Western Trust Grad--Management Administration 2011-07-28
Huo-Chien Hsu An Investigation of Information Technology Strategies – Using G Company as Case Study Grad--Information Management 2011-08-18
Yung-Chih Hsu The Boundary between Contingency Insurance and Indemnity Insurance - Focusing on the Medical Insurance- Grad-Law 2011-08-24
Chien-Yu Hsu The Relationship Among Workplace Spirituality, Psychological Ownership and Emotional Labor — An Empirical study of Employees of the Star Ratings of Hotels in Taipei City Grad--Tourism 2012-01-11
Ling-Ching Hsu The Effect of Military Officer’s Job Stress on Job Burnout—Psychological Contract Fulfillment as a Moderator Grad--International Business 2012-06-02
Cheng-Ming Hsu The Comparative Research on the Security Management of Mega-Events Across the Taiwan Straits Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2012-06-04
Chia-Lun Hsu VaR Models for Trading Policy:Empirical Study of Taiwan Eight Industries Index Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2012-06-07
Yu-Fen Hsu A Study on the Impact of Organizational Justice and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Misbehavior Grad--International Business 2012-06-13
Fu-Nan Hsu STUDY OF QUALITY INDICATORS FOR TOUR GUIDES IN TAIWAN Grad--International Business 2012-06-15
Juei-Hsiang Hsu The research of building a web-based qualitative data analyzing method for information requirements of corporate-strategy Grad--Information Management 2012-06-23
Shu-Ying Hsu Influence of fund’s stockholding ratios on stock returns Grad-Finance 2012-06-26
Man-Fen Hsu Managerial Efficiency Evaluation After the Merger and Acquisition Between Foreign Bank and Local Bank – A Case Study of DBS Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2012-06-27
Kai-Lun Hsu The Endless Life : The Research Of Global Warming Applied On Paper Sculpture Animation Grad--Commerical Design 2012-06-29
Wei-Lin Hsu Relationships of Experiential Marketing, Brand Image, and Brand Relationships: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Tourism Food Factory Grad--Tourism 2012-07-04
Shu-Ni Hsu The Beauty of Ambiguity: The Influences of Depth of Field on Attitude toward Printed Ads. Grad--Tourism 2012-07-05
CHIA-WEI HSU A Discussion on the Presumption of legitimacy and Acknowledgement institution Grad-Law 2012-07-12
Yung-Ching Hsu Chunghwa Telecom MOD User Market Segment and the Usage and Satisfaction Study School--Management 2012-07-28
Nai-Hui Hsu The reasonable Fair Value of Employee Stock Option in Taiwan - the case of three technology companies Grad-Finance 2012-08-13
Ling-Hsuan Hsu Do government's ownership help or hurt banks? Grad--Management Administration 2012-08-17
TZU-YU HSU Explorations of the Causes of Illegal Problems Committed by A Study on Police Corruption by The Task Force Unit–Taking Taipei Police Department for Example Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2012-08-22
CHENG-TSE HSU An Investigation on the Fundamental Essence and Value of Tea Aesthetics Grad--Applied Chinese 2012-08-17
Le-Shiang Hsu The role of resveratrol in Wnt signaling Grad--Biotechnology 2012-08-20
Kai-Yun Hsu A Study on Social Role of Public Service Advertising-2000-2011 Japanese Public Service Advertising as an Example Grad--Communictions Management 2012-08-22
Sheng-Hang Hsu The Study Female Writing in Lin Su-Hua's Short Stories Grad--Applied Chinese 2012-08-28
Hui-Ling Hsu A Compative Study of Newly Revised Gazetteer of Chiayi County and Newly Revised Gazetteer of Taoyuan County Examples of Art and Culture Gazetteer Doctoral Programs in Applied Chinese 2013-01-04
Ming-Hung Hsu An Operation Performance Study on Rubik's Cube Interface and Individual Difference for Children Grad--Product Design 2013-01-17
Chih-Kai Hsu The Design and Implementation of QoE Measurement Platform for an ISP Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2013-01-24
Han-An Hsu Analysis and Improvement of A Key Distribution Scheme for Secure Multicast Group Communication Grad--Information Telecommunications Engineering 2013-02-25
Shao-Chun Hsu The Effects of Employees’ Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the High-Technology Industry Grad--International Business 2013-05-29
Ying-Hui Hsu Spillover Effects of Futures Markets and Volatility Fitted Model Grad-Finance 2013-06-11
Kai-Li Hsu The Comparative Study about Impacts from Teacher’s Association and Teacher’s Unions’ Influence on Local Educational Policy - An Example of Employment System of Junior High School Teachers’ in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2013-06-18
Fu-Hui Hsu A Study of the Relationship between Internship and Career Planning among Vocational High School Students Grad-Education 2013-06-19
Yu-Ting Hsu The stakeholder protection under transfer of business or assets in business acquisition. Grad-Law 2013-06-24
Ya-An Hsu A Study on Time Management and Job Performance for Directors of General Affairs in New Taipei City Elementary Schools Grad-Education 2013-06-26
Yung-Han Hsu Dividend Volatility and the Relevance of Dividend Policy: Comparisons among Different Industries in Taiwan Grad-Economics 2013-06-28
Kung-Fu Hsu A Related Research on Junior High School Culture and Students' Citizenship in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2013-07-02
Yu-Ling Hsu Research of Postpartum Nursing Center Consumer Experience, Experiential Value, and Consumer Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of Social Surroundings Grad--Communictions Management 2013-07-03
Sheng-Fang Hsu Research on the Service Quality of Tour Bus in Kinmen County Grad--Tourism 2013-07-02
Kuan-Chen Hsu A Study of Taiwanese Koa-a-chheh “Dialogue between Confucius and Shiang Tuo” Grad--Applied Chinese 2013-07-05
Fang-Yuan Hsu A Study of Person-Organization’s Moderating Effect on the Relationship of Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Commitment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior Grad-Public Affairs 2013-07-09
Yu-Jung Hsu A Study on the Financing Strategy of Franchise Restaurant Industry School--Management 2013-07-15
Chou Hsu Research on Financial Policy Tool Adaptation in Cultural Creative Industry--View Points of the Stakeholders Grad-Public Affairs 2013-08-06
Chih-Chieh Hsu Travel agencies and medical industry to promote the mainland tourists to Taiwan Medical Tourism Industry Collaboration mode research Grad--Tourism 2013-08-09
Shih-Ming Hsu The Study on Patterns of Servitization in Textile Manufacturing Grad--Information Management 2013-08-08
Li-Yu Hsu Using the Technique of Importance -Performance Analysis to Evaluate Service Quality and Visitor's Satisfaction of Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf Grad--Tourism 2013-08-13
Tzu-Hsuan Hsu The life education tentative from Hayao Miyazaki animated movies Grad-Education 2013-08-17
Yi-Hsin Hsu Using Internal Marketing and Quality Function Deployment on Life Company’s Service Quality Improvement School--Management 2013-08-20
Zhong-Cen Hsu The Study of Interpersonal Relationship in User of Smartphone Grad--Communictions Management 2013-08-22
Han-Chung Hsu Find the Critical value by Hadoop – Case in RSA Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2013-08-25
Wei-Jing Hsu Exploring the Relationship between Party Identification and Economic Voting Grad-Public Affairs 2013-09-01
Tang-Yung Hsu An Examination of Media Literacy Education in High School and Media Literacy Competency – Using Viewership of Next TV News as Example Grad-Education 2013-09-11
Tsui-Hsia Hsu The Relationship among Tourism Attraction, Leisure Benefits, and Revisiting Intention:An Example of Tourism Factory in Taoyuan Grad--Tourism 2013-12-24
Hsin-Wen Hsu The moderating effect of variety seeking in beer products: The relationships among customer's perceived value, attitude and purchase intention Grad--Tourism 2014-01-07
Wei-liang Hsu The Restoration and With Tourism Development of National Heritage for Longshan Temple in Lugang Grad--Tourism 2014-01-09
Kai-Yen Hsu A Study of Impacts on the Travel Agencies in Taiwan and on the Job and Salary of Taiwanese Tour Guides upon Receiving Tourists from Mainland China Grad--Tourism 2014-01-09
Chih-Ming Hsu The study Lianzuo Mountain Guanyin Temple in Dashi Grad--Applied Chinese 2014-01-17
Shu-Chin Hsu Artist’s Book : The Creation of Handmade Book Combined with Crystalline Glaze Grad--Commerical Design 2014-03-31
Hsin-Chueh Hsu Parental Consumer Motivation and Decision-Making Mode for Toddler Toys Grad--Tourism 2014-06-05
Szu-Ching Hsu A Study ofAdolescences’ Interpersonal Interactions on Facebook Community with their Resilience A Case of X Junior High School Students in Taipei City Grad-Education 2014-06-09
Hsiao-Chi Hsu An Action Study on Integrating Fable into Complied-Writing Instruction of 7th Grade Students in Taipei City Grad-Education 2014-06-11
Shiuh-Sheng Hsu The Research of Constructing R&D Efficiency Evaluation Model Grad--Management 2014-06-15
Ting-Yu Hsu The Study on the Flood and Debris Flow Hazard Risk Maps to Cultural Asset in New Taipei City. Grad--Architecture 2014-06-16
Shih-Ping Hsu Relationships among Tourists’ Authenticity Perception, Nostalgia, Flow Experience, and Revisiting Intention - A Case Study of Battlefield Tourism in Kinmen Grad--Tourism 2014-06-20
Wei-Chun Hsu The Effect of Entry mode on Partnership Risk Grad--International Business 2014-06-27
Chih-Wei Hsu An In-depth Exploration of a Retired Principal’s Career Path Grad-Education 2014-07-01
Ju-Chun Hsu Outsiders Within Educational System: an Ethnographic Research about “Outcasts” in Classroom Grad-Education 2014-07-07
Chun-Chih Hsu The Study of The Reform of Property Tax System and Housing Justice in Taiwan Grad-Economics 2014-07-09
Hao-Chien Hsu The research from relative marketing prospective to investigate on continues franchising pharmacy business operation Grad--International Business 2014-07-04
Chien-Che Hsu The Research of the Consumer Experience, Experiential Value, Consumer Satisfaction and Word-of-Mouth Intention - Tourism Factory of the Arts and Humanities Type for Example Grad--Communictions Management 2014-07-15
YU-YA HSU Symbolic Consumption View for the study of Customer’s Experience Value, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral intentions in Cultural and Creative Industries Park Grad--Management Administration 2014-07-15
YUNG-YAO HSU The Study of Emotion Intelligence of The Air Force High Level Staff Members on the Stressors of Working and Reaction of Stress Grad--Management 2014-07-17
Wei-Ting Hsu A Locational Tourism APP Architecture Designing -Combining LBS and Destination Image Grad--Information Management 2014-08-27
I-Chen Hsu The Study of Teaching Chinese Classics to Speakers of Other Languages Doctoral Programs in Applied Chinese 2015-01-23
Hsi-Chien Hsu The Study on E-Platform Business Model Planning of Healthy Caring and Illness Prevention Programs for Community-Based Hospital School--Management 2015-06-12
Ching-Tu Hsu A Study on “Mathematics Infinity Concepts” Understanding for 12th Grade Students 〜A Case of Students in Kinmen Senior High School Grad-Education 2015-06-16
Shu-Wei Hsu The Effect on the Stock of Taiwan Biotechnology and Health Care Policy –Application of Event Study Grad-Economics 2015-06-16
Hsieh-Ching Hsu Applying the ADDIE Model to Develop Environmental Hormone Materials for Elementary School Students – An Example in Taoyuan Grad-Education 2015-06-27
Yu-Han Hsu A Study of Family Leisure Participation Motivations, Leisure Constraints, and Leisure Benefits of Elementary Students’ Parents in Kinmen Area Grad--Tourism 2015-06-28
Yu-Nung Hsu A Study of Free Time Management, Leisure Participation, and Well-being of the Seniors in Kinmen County-Case of Fitness Walking Grad--Tourism 2015-06-28
Ling-Wei Hsu The Graphic Design of Chinese Characters on the Pop Art Style : Use Taiwan Fruit as an Example Grad--Commerical Design 2015-06-27
Chung-An Hsu The Key Success Factors of Highest Grossing Chinese New Year Holiday Movies: Director Nelson Yeh as a Brand Grad--Communictions Management 2015-06-30
Yu-Fang Hsu The Relations between Partner Dependency, Boundary and Ambivalence over Emotional Expression on College Students Grad--Counseling and Industrial -organizational Psychology 2015-07-06
Ying-Hsuan Hsu A Study of Elementary School Teachers’ Specialty Teaching in Kinmen County Grad-Education 2015-07-08
Chia-Hua Hsu The Study on the Factors Influential to the Policy Loans Applied by Policy Holders School--Management 2015-07-12
CHENG-SZU HSU A Study of the Impact of Military Training System Reform on Military Instructors’ Career Planning - The Case of Senior/ Vocational High Schools' Military Instructors in Miaoli County Grad--Management 2015-07-20
Fang-Wei Hsu Research on Local Marketing-Case Study of The New Taipei Sweet Potato Festival Grad-Public Affairs 2015-07-20
Hsiu-Lu Hsu Emergency counter staff satisfaction survey - North Area Medical Center Case Grad-Public Affairs 2015-08-25
Wen-Cheng Hsu A Hand Gesture Recognition System Based on RGB-D Sensor Grad--Information Telecommunications Engineering 2015-09-15
Yu-Han Hsu A Study of the Personal Security of China (2005-2012) - Chen Guangcheng as an Example Grad-Public Affairs 2015-09-08
Yun-Hsin Hsu A Premium Ratemaking for Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance with Monde Carlo Method Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2015-09-12
LI-HSIN HSU The 3D Creation of Outer Peeress’s Han Garment in the Ming Dynasty -Using The Palace Museum of Ten Female Portraits as an Example Grad--Digital Media Design 2015-09-30
Lee, Chin Hsuan The Financing Strategy for Taiwanese Enterprises under Mainland China “Macro Control” Policy Grad-Finance 2005-08-17
Hao Hsueh Research on the relationships among Internal Marketing , Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment -- A Case Study of Eastern Broadcasting Corporation Grad--Communications Management 2005-07-07
I-LUNG HSUEH How netspeak phenomenon related to school curriculum, and then adopted questionnaire survey to do a research on netspeak’s influencing writing skill composition. The survey targets were 6th grade elementary students in Kinmen. Grad--Applied Chinese 2006-06-01
hui-chih hsueh Research on the Literary Aesthetics in Cheng Hsiech's poetry Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-01-15
Ya-Ping Hsueh Vertical Line Extension and Branding Strategy: Hospitality Industry as an Example Grad-Tourism 2008-07-01
Yu-Ting Hsueh The role of compulsory licensing in the age of economic globalization—A study on related issues of WTO public health Grad--International Affairs 2008-07-08
Yi-Chen Hsueh The Study of Augmented Reality Mobile Learning System Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2009-07-27
Ju-Yin Hsueh A Study of the Marketing Strategy in Opening Tourist from Mainland China to Taiwan Travel Agencies Grad-Tourism 2010-05-17
Yueh Hsueh A Study on the Relationship Among Academic Self-concept, Learning Strategies and Academic Achievement in mathematics for Eighth-grade Students in New Taipei City. Grad-Education 2011-05-30
Men-Chien Hsueh The research of blended-learning for training course of first-line manager ---A case study of Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. School--Management 2013-08-14
Li-Tien Hsueh A study of on-road motorcycle recognition and motorcyclist's helmet detection techniques Grad--Information Telecommunications Engineering 2014-02-24
Wei-Hsiang Hsueh The Project Best Practice Case Study of ERP System Rapid Implementation for Discount Chain Store Grad--Management Administration 2014-08-21
Ger-Bao Hsun Correlation Among Leadership Style, Organization Culture and Job satisfaction: A Case Study of VOH Grad--Communications Management 2005-07-28
Yeh-Chang Hsun A Study in the Relationship Among Travel Attitude, Motivation and Preference of the Tourists to the Wineries in Taiwan Grad-Tourism 2006-06-19
CHA-CHENG HSUNG The Moderating Effect of Hardiness Betwcen Organizational Climate and Intension to Stoy Grad--Management 2011-07-11
Chien-Ming Hu The Research of How the Q.W.L of N.P.O Employees Has Influences on Organization Commitment :Case Targeted at National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises , R.O.C Grad-ManagementScience 2005-05-12
Kuei-Chia Hu A Study on the Key Successful Factors upon the Structured Products’ Marketing and Competition for the Wealth Management Business of the Banking. Name of Institute:Ming Chuan University Graduate school of Finance Grad-Finance 2005-06-02
Hsiao-Hsien Hu The Volatility Forecasting of Adjusted Samples in Taiwan Stock Market Grad-Finance 2005-06-06
Cheng-Ping Hu A Study of the Factors that Influence The Supply Chain Integrate Degree School--Mamagement 2005-07-27
Hsiao-Ching Hu A Study on the Influence of Employee Personality Traits and Employee’s Satisfaction on Job Performance at Eastern Home Shopping's Customer Service Center Grad--Communications Management 2006-06-28
Wei-Che Hu A Study of the Owner Consumer Decision-making Pattern for the Housing Interior Design Grad--Design Management 2006-06-28
Szu-Ying Hu Commercial Loan Borrower’s Optimal Borrowing and Prepayment Decisions under Uncertainty Grad--Management 2006-08-16
Jen-Hsien Hu The Application of Evaluation Model of Appointment Policy in Queuing Theory-for Dental Industry. Grad--Management 2006-08-21
Keng-Kan Hu A Study and Creation of Cutout Animation Applied on Interactive Animation Stories - An Example of the Adventure Pattern of Hero Grad--Creative Design 2006-08-28
Ti-Hwei Hu The Aesthetic Study of Lu Qiao’s Weiyang Ge Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-01-10
SHIN-YI HU The Research of Cause-related Marketing Processes in Social Welfare Foundation Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-09
Wei-Chi Hu A Study on How Conflict Impacts Staff Working Attitude and Performance:-- Taking examples from merger of Hsin-Kuang and Macoto Banks Grad-Management Science 2007-07-07
Ting-Ting Hu The Study on the Physical-Mental Health for Junior High School Students Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2007-07-16
Hsiang-Fu Hu The Innovative Product on A Study of Purhasing Intention- Exemplified by Ultra Mobile PC Grad--Management 2008-07-07
Tz-Yun Hu A Study on the Methods of Policy Marketing of Long-term Care Policy in Taiwan Grad-Public Affairs 2008-07-25
Chia-lin Hu A Study on the Development of Republic Of China’s Entry & Exit Control Organization-The Significance of the Establishment of National Immigration Agency Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2008-07-29
Yow-Jin Hu A Study of Uses and Gratifications of Military Officers and Men in Response to Policy Program of Han Sun Radio Broadcasting Company Grad--Communications Management 2009-06-22
Hsiang-Chen Hu OPD – Patients' Trust, Satisfaction and Loyalty toward Their Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and the Hospital – A Study by Variance Analysis School--Management 2009-08-06
Tun-Chin Hu A Study of Relationships among Pilots’ Leisure Participation, Leisure Benefits, Perceived Stress, and Life Satisfaction: A Case Study of EVA Airways Grad-Tourism 2010-06-21
Shu-Hui Hu A Study on the Relationships Among Junior High School Students’ Attending Math Cram Schools, Their Learning Attitudes, and Their Academic Achievements: Am Example of One Junior High School in Taipei County Grad-Education 2010-06-28
Yu-Ming Hu A Study on Japanese Learners' Acquisition toward Case Particle "de" Grad--Applied Japanese 2010-08-16
Hui-Ya Hu Relationship between EFL College Students' Beliefs about Language Learning and Language Proficiency Grad--Applied English 2010-08-26
Chien-Yu Hu A Study on Performance of Children’s Creation through Picture-book Instruction-2 Kindergarten Cases Grad-Education 2011-06-07
Ju-Hong Hu Applying Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Method to Evaluate the New Artists For Taiwan Talent Agency Grad--Communictions Management 2011-06-19
Chi-Yu Hu Analyze the repeat number of microsatellite with sequences chromatography Grad--Biotechnology 2011-08-23
Chen-Feng Hu Resource Base and Technological Innovation from the Perspective of CNC Performance Measures of Industry Innovation to a Company as an Example School--Management 2011-08-25
Fang-Chin Hu A Study on the Relationship between the Self-Concept and the Prosocial Behavior for the Fifth and Sixth Grade Elementary School Students in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2012-06-08
Hsin-Hua Hu Rediscovering a lost world-- Mr. Chang Ta-Chun’s novel“Gangs of the City-State” Grad--Applied Chinese 2012-06-08
Wen-Chih Hu Model Averaging Prediction Intervals for Auto regressive Model Grad-Finance 2012-06-25
Yuan-Lung Hu A Study of Crisis Management Strategy Selection for Political Figure :A Fuzzy Theory Approach Grad--Communictions Management 2012-07-19
Chung-Nan Hu A Study of Innovative advertisement- Focusing on Fair Trade Act Grad-Law 2012-07-23
hua-chen hu The study of recreation experience and place attachment by golf tourist Grad--Tourism 2012-08-13
Wen-Ci Hu A Study of Change and Strategies on IT Outsourcing Risk Grad--Information Management 2012-08-21
Chi-Chao Hu The Study of the Relationship between Bank International and Business Performance Grad--International Business 2013-06-01
Wei-hsin Hu Understanding the Impact of Restaurant Brand Equity and Customer Satisfaction on Behavioral Intentions Grad--Tourism 2013-07-10
Chih-Cheng Hu Application of Customer Profitability Analysis in Trade Financing With cases from a branch of F bank Grad--Management 2013-07-21
Kun-lung Hu Tax On Military Personnel and Possible Effect On Their Retirement Decisions- Case Study of Field Grade Military Officers Grad-Public Affairs 2013-07-27
Yu-Tung Hu Analysis of Houwenyong’s novel “Dangerous Mind” Grad--Applied Chinese 2013-08-23
Chih-Yung Hu The Formation of a global Apple Culture – A Case Study of the iPhone Culture in Taiwan Grad-International Affairs & Security Management (International Affairs) 2013-09-12
Chung-Cheng Hu The discussion for“The varitaion of national interest”in the report of the“Japan-U.S.A summit”reported by “Yomiuri news”: Focusing on“Issues on the relocation of Marine Coprs Air Station Futenma”in 1996 Grad--Applied Japanese 2014-01-22
Wei-min Hu Research on factors affecting customers switching behavior of bank housing loan ---A case study of T bank Grad--Management 2014-07-08
Mei-Yueh Hu A Study of Social Enterprise Operating Came from NPOs─for example the Manna Organic Life & the Aurora Grad-Public Affairs 2014-09-10
Pi-Chen Hu Constructing Evaluation Indicators for Accessible Restaurants Grad--Tourism 2015-06-24
Wo-Han Hu The Study of Storytelling Marketing Strategy for the Life Insurance Industry Grad--Management 2015-07-01
Hsiu-Hua Hu The Study of Program Quality, Student Satisfaction, Academic Achievement, and Positive Word of Mouth: The Case of the Food and Beverage Department at Vocational High Schools Grad--Tourism 2015-07-14
Xue-Peng Hu Research on the Innovative Model of Postmen in San-Xing Post Office School--Management 2015-08-24
Shin-Ya Hua The Application of Range-based DCC Models on the Estimation of Beta Grad-Finance 2006-06-21
Long-Pi Hua The Influence of Amendments of Act Governing Relations Between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area on Mainland Chinese Spouses’ life in Taiwan Grad--Program of Cross-strait Relations and Security Management 2011-07-04
An Hua-Chung, Price Indication from S&P 500 Index Futures to Its Underlying Index-Application of STVEC Model Grad-Finance 2006-08-03
shou huan A Study on Police Work Stress and Brnout – e.g. Kinmen Police Station Precinct Grad-Public Affairs 2005-07-20
Cheng-Kang Huang Meta-heuristics for Phylogenetic Tree Construction Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2005-01-26
Ru-Sung Huang The Study on the Electronic Official Document In Taoyuan County Governmen Grad-Public Affairs 2005-02-23
Tsai-Feng Huang Key Competence of Congressional Assistant in the Legislative Yuan Grad-Public Affairs 2005-03-02
Wen-Jie Huang A Study on the Technological Learning Model of Taiwan High Technology Companies Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2005-03-11
Shih-Hung Huang A study on the advertising communication effectiveness of virtual advertising Grad--Computerand Communication Engineering 2005-03-11
Yun-Chan Huang A Study of Design Decision Making -Taking The Industry Design Project as An Example- Grad--Design Management 2005-04-29
Jia-Yi Huang A Study of Instruction Planning for the Green Package Design Grad--Design Management 2005-03-18
Yu-Hsuan Huang A Study for Health and Fitness Club on Relationships between Commitment and Customer Voluntary Performance Behaviors Grad-Tourism 2005-03-21
Hu-Tai Huang A Study of the Connections between Working Pressure and Job Satisfaction in Government Owned Radio Stations. - Case Study in PRS, VOH, NER – Grad--Communications Management 2005-03-22
Yu-Huan Huang A Study of Mobile Internet Services Adoption Grad--Communications Management 2005-03-29
Shi-Min Huang 作者未提供 Grad--Communications Management 2005-03-30
Hsin-Yi Huang Impact of FDI on Trade-Empirical Analysis of Taiwan Grad-Economics 2005-05-09
Yu-Hsiang Huang Industry Structure on Regional Income –An Empirical Study in Taiwan Grad-Economics 2005-05-09
Ya-Li Huang The Development and Application of a Web Project-Based Learning Environment Grad--Information Management 2005-05-10
Wei-Chi Huang The Comparison between Pigouvian Taxes and Quantity Restriction under Oligopoly Grad-Economics 2005-05-16
Shu-Fen Huang The Research on Business Strategy of Voice Portal Grad--Information Management 2005-05-27
Chun-Wen Huang The Comparison of categorised model for primary school student's information literacy --Regard Tzyh-Chyang primary school as the example Grad--Information Management 2005-05-30
Chih-Yingh Huang The Determinants of Credit Default Risks for Cash Cards - Example of Cash Cards issued by a Main Financial Institution in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2005-05-31
Mei-Ling Huang The Effects of Treasury Stock Announcements on Stock Prices ─ Evidence from Listed Companies in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2005-05-31
Chun-Ming Huang Real Options Analysis of Hi-Tech Firm with Intellectual Property Rights: A Case Study of Novatek Microelectronics Corporation Grad-Finance 2005-05-31
San-Hsiung Huang The Dispositions Effect of Surveillance System in Taiwan Stock Market Grad-Finance 2005-06-02
Chi-Ting Huang An Empirical Research on Taiwanese Firms’ Entry Mode Choice and Performance in Mainland China—A Synthetic View of Resource-Based Theory, Transaction Cost Theory, and Guanxi Network Perspective Grad--International Business 2005-06-06
Yen-Ming Huang The Process and Strategy of Establishing Brand for SMEs—Based on Core Competition Value Grad--International Business 2005-06-15
Po-Chun Huang A study on the animation industry develop strategy :A case of Taiwan Grad--Communications Management 2005-06-16
Pei-Lei Huang 作者未提供 Grad-Public Affairs 2005-06-22
Yi-Ju Huang An Option Pricing Model for Evaluating Corporate Credit Risks Grad-Finance 2005-06-23
Wan-Jen Huang A Study in Subordinate Clauses of the Relationship of Continuous Time Grad--Applied Japanese 2005-06-24
Hao-Cheng Huang The Effects of Integration Capability and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Performance of Technological Learning Grad--International Business 2005-06-28
Chien-Ching Huang A Study on Causes of Parent-teacher Conflicts and Coping Strategies of Elementary School Teachers and Parents Grad-Education 2005-07-01
Yi-Li Huang A Study of Creativity Applied in Marketing Strategy Planning Process Grad--Design Management 2005-07-01
Wei-Chang Huang A Study of the Efficiency of Crisis Management of Traffic Accidents at Kinmen County Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2005-07-04
Chung-Wei Huang The Study of Financial Planning Division for Commercial Banks of Taiwan Grad-Economics 2005-07-25
Chao-Yen Huang Comparing the Effects of Two Grammar Pedagogies on the Learning of English Grammar for Junior High School Students in Taiwan: Communicative Focus on Form and Traditional Grammar Instruction Grad--Applied English 2005-07-26
Ying-Wen Huang A Study of Customer Satisfaction on Electronic material distributor –at Flexible Printed Circuit Industry School--Mamagement 2005-07-28
Shih-Chi Huang Information Technology Outsourcing Management and Its Impact on Outsourcing Performance Grad--Management 2005-07-29
Teng-Ching Huang The Pricing Performance of Markov Chain Option Pricing Algorithm on Barrier Options Grad-Finance 2005-08-11
Cheng-Chung Huang The Study on Stockholders Convention to Exercises Stockholders Right of the Intermediate Establish Proxy Solicitation of Warrants Grad-Finance 2005-08-16
SU-YUEN HUANG The Relationships among Professional Growth, Organizational Enablers, and Knowledge Management for Primary School Teachers Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2005-08-22
Feng-Chu Huang Core competencies and strategy management of semiconductor component Intel distributor in Taiwan Grad--International Business 2006-05-30
Tai-Hsiang Huang An Analysis of Differences of Objectives of Participating Exhibition in Information and Electronic Industry Grad--International Business 2006-06-08
Suei-Bin Huang A Study of Purchase Intention and Pricing Strategy of Online Music Grad--Communications Management 2006-06-10
Chi-Lung Huang Ownership Structure, Related Party Transaction, and Corporate Performance Grad-Accounting 2006-06-13
Tao-Yuan Huang A Comparison of International Financial Reporting Standards and People’s Republic of China’s GAAP in accounting information contents and value relevance Grad-Accounting 2006-06-13
Xin-Yi Huang The Effect of Web-Based Peer Assessment on Creativity: An Example of Learning Computer Graphics of the Fifth Graders. Grad-Education 2006-06-15
Han-Chen Huang The Study on Civil Servants’ Consuming Behavior by Using Civil Privilege Travel Card Grad-Tourism 2006-06-20
Yao-De Huang The Analysis of the Development of the Bed and Breakfasts in Kinmen – The Strengths and Weaknesses Grad-Tourism 2006-06-20
Su-Mei Huang Valuation of embedded equity option of convertible bonds Grad-Finance 2006-06-26
Huei-Shiuan Huang The Study of the performance of the optimal asset allocation models -Comparison of M-V model and M-CVaR model Grad-Finance 2006-06-27
Chin-Kuo Huang Market Valuation on Taishin Holdings’ Bid for Mandatory Convertible Preferred Shares Issued by Chang Hwa Bank Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2006-07-15
Chang-Wen Huang The influence of chaxugeju on employees’ job attitudes—a case study of the Kinmen Area Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2006-07-06
Pin-Hao Huang A Study of the Influence of Problem-solving on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty for life insurance industry Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2006-07-04
Jin-Wei Huang A Study of the Policy Change toward Taiwan’s Petrochemical Industry- An Example of Naphtha Cracker Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2006-07-19
Hsin-ping Huang The Life Stories of Four Life Education Exemplary Teachers –A Case Study Approach Grad-Education 2006-07-19
Hsiao-Ting Huang The inheritance duty tax drafts the obtained redistribution effect Grad-Economics 2006-07-21
Ming-Sen Huang Analyze The Management Strategy of Jinning Elementary & Junior High School - Collaboration Between School and Community Grad-Public Affairs 2006-08-03
Hui-Hua Huang The Study of the Insurance Product Advertisement Affecting Impulsive Consumption Behavior in T-Commerce Grad--Management 2006-08-07
Chai-Lien Huang Discussion of Belief in Guanyin and the Enshrining Temples in Kinmen Grad--Applied Chinese 2006-08-12
Chia-Ching Huang The Study of Social Dumping-Trade Strategy and Internatinoal Division of Labor under Economic Globalization Grad--International Affairs 2006-08-28
Hsiao-Ting Huang Research on the Packages of Taiwan's Livestock Products – A Series of Package Design for Ready-to-Eat Packages of Chinese-Style Sausage Grad--Creative Design 2006-08-26
Han-Chen Huang Investigation of the Elder’s Image and Preference for the Web Color Combination Grad--Design Management 2006-08-25
Chang-Wei Huang Online gamers’ mediating effect of word-of-mouth and two-step-flow theory in game forum among the appraisal of game’s agent company. Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2006-08-28
Huang-Pin Huang HOW NEW LABOR PENSION ACT AFFECT TAX REVENUE OF TAIWAN Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2006-08-30
Yao-Tang Huang Nonlinear Asymmetric Dynamics between the Nikkei 225 Volatility Index and Index Futures Grad-Finance 2006-08-30
Yu-Ting Huang The study of Imagery of Birds in Dong Po's Tsz Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-01-30
Chiao-Hung Huang Female study of “Lin Lan Xiang” Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-01-29
Hsiu-Hui Huang A Study of the Marketing Strategies for National Elementary School with Fishbein Model from the Views of Parents: Take Taipei as an Example Grad-Education 2007-05-24
Yi-Chuan Huang The Relationships among Transformational Leadership, Employee Trust and Employee Efficiency: Job Characteristicas a Moderator Grad--International Business 2007-05-31
Sheng-Hsuan Huang The Study of the Interaction in the Amateur Vehicle Owners Community to the Brand Cohesion Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2007-06-06
Chih-Ying Huang A Comparative Research On The Mathematic Curriculum Guidelines In The Elementary School Of Taiwan and Mainland China Grad-Education 2007-07-09
Chiu-Chen Huang Growth Opportunity and Corporate Restructuring in Taiwan Grad--International Business 2007-06-16
Yu-Hsuan Huang A Study of the Relationship Between Symbolic Consumption and Product Design-Limited-Edition Sports Shoes as Example Grad--Design Management 2007-07-02
Yi-Chen Huang The Investigation of Employee’s Cognition of Leadership Style Influenced Organizational Learning and Organizational Commitment -A Case Study of Eastern Home Shopping Grad--Communications Management 2007-06-26
Yi-Wen Huang The Application of Black-Litterman Model to Asset Allocation: A Case Study of Taiwan 19 Sectors Grad-Finance 2007-06-25
YEN-CHIH HUANG The Impact of the Reduction of the Tick Size of Taiwan Stock Exchange on the Probability of Informed Trading Grad-Finance 2007-06-26
Hui-Chen Huang The Study on Tourists’ Tourism Image, Experience, and Involvement for Indigenous Festival Grad-Tourism 2007-06-28
Ya-Fen Huang A Study on Xiu-Ya Zhang's Novels Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-07-02
Yu-Hsiu Huang Research on Municipal Government System Reform Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-05
Cheng-Wei Huang A Study on Taking MDF as Innovative Furniture Design Grad--Creative Design 2007-07-05
Shih-Ping Huang Reputation Based Routing Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Grad--Information Management 2007-07-09
Liang-Chieh Huang The Study of Relations Between Work Stress and Burnout for IT Professionals in Securities Grad--Management 2007-07-07
Shih-Chiao Huang Applicate the Music Therapy Concept to Upgrade the Emotional Intelligence ─ Sampling in the 7th Junior School Students’Music Class Grad-Education 2007-07-14
Chuan-Jen Huang Analyzing Information Technology Outsourcing and The Relationship with the Social Capital Theory Grad--Information Management 2007-07-16
Tsan-ming Huang A Study on the Screening, Evaluation and Negotiation Mechanism of the “Government Procurement Act” and the “Law for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects” Grad-Public Affairs 2007-07-15
Yu-Wei Huang The Effects of Consumer’s Emotional Responses and Brand Trust on Loyalty—The Case of iPod Grad--Management 2007-07-22
Po-Wen Huang New Approaches for Incremental Mining of Web Transaction Patterns Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2007-07-27
Ying-Ming Huang Visualizing Bits as Urban Semiotics Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2007-08-03
Chiung-Hui Huang A Study on cost effectiveness of risk management for logistics industry-A case company Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2007-08-15
Yu-Chun Huang The Empirical Study on Market Integration of Regional House Prices with Taipei City as Example Grad--Management 2007-08-09
Chun-Lan Huang A Study on Retirement Pension Payment Options of The Civil Servants and Teachers in Matsu Area Grad-Public Affairs 2007-08-16
Yi-Syuan Huang User's Satisfaction of Ming Chuan Digital Library Grad--Communications Management 2007-08-19
Kang-Chiang Huang A Study of the Drawing of Single-Member Districts in Taoyuan County for the 7th Legislative Yuan Election Grad-Public Affairs 2007-08-20
Wan-Chi Huang The Impact of Green Marketing on Brand Equity Grad--International Affairs 2007-08-27
Hu-Ching Huang The Analysis on Performance of Hedging Strategies for Principal-Guaranteed Investment Portfolios Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2007-08-21
Tzu-Han Huang Exploring consumer attention of different mouse package design style Grad--Design Management 2007-08-28
Bo-Wei Huang Applying Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method to Evaluate the Key Capabilities of Taiwan Digital Cinema Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2007-08-29
Wei-ching Huang A Study of Bing Xing's prose Grad--Applied Chinese 2008-01-06
Chen-Yu Huang A Study of the Effectiveness of Information Presentation to Woman Handbag Sketches. Grad--Design Management 2008-01-16
Chiu-Lun Huang Antecedents and Consequences of Emotional Labor Display: The Moderating Effects of Commitment to Display Rules and Service Reward Mechanism Grad--International Business 2008-05-30
Wei-Chi Huang The Impact of Equity carve-outs and Spin-offs on the Performance in Taiwan's listed company Grad--International Business 2008-06-04
Hsin-Yi Huang A study of key capabilities for the syndicate Grad--Communications Management 2008-06-07
Jason Huang The Discussion of Mortgage Loan Default Factor –Case Study on Taiwan S Bank Grad-Economics 2008-06-11
Shu-Hui Huang A study of key capabilities for the management models of Taiwan financial magazines Grad--Communications Management 2008-06-12
Yu-Lung Huang A Study of the Relationship Among The Volunteer Service Act Cognition to Taipei Astronomical Museum Volunteer's Participation Motivation and Organizational Commitment Grad-Tourism 2008-06-22
Ya-Chi Huang A Study of the Effect of the “Virtual Community Website’s Functional Quality” and “Browsing Motivations” toward Loyalty-the Case of SOGI Grad--Management 2008-06-26
Miao-wen Huang Parents’ Rearing Attitude、Watching Violent TV and School Bully for the Fifth and Sixth Grade Elementary School Students in Taipei County Grad-Education 2008-06-26
YA-FEN HUANG A Study of Organizational Change and Development of Social Welfare Institution in Kinmen County Datong Senior Citizens’ and Children’s Home Grad-Public Affairs 2008-06-30
Bo-Kai Huang Is Information Risk a Determinant of Asset Returns in Taiwan Stock Market? Grad-Finance 2008-07-08
Giong-Huei Huang The structure of ” Teacher’s Speech” in conversation class ―Based on ACT― Grad--Applied Japanese 2008-07-15
Chun-Yu Huang Bioinformatics Logic Computing: Using the HP Lattice Model for Protein Structure Optimal Prediction Grad--Information Management 2008-07-15
Chien-Chang Huang Life Adjustment, Self Concept and Parenting Style-- An Example among 5th and 6th graders Students in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2008-07-18
Chih-Chieh Huang Investigate the influence of a limited competitive market on the way of culture and education business management:using a certain culture and education business enterprise as an example School--Mamagement 2008-07-21
Yi-Tseng Huang The Effects of Securities that Uneligible for Short Sale Transaction Grad-Finance 2008-07-22
Tien-Wen Huang The Formation of Design Knowledge in Graphic Design Firms. Grad--Design Management 2008-07-24
Chau-Hsing HUANG The Impact of Adopting DFX on Research and Development Performances- A Case Study in a Industrial Computers Company Grad--Management 2008-07-25
Kai-Young Huang Characteristics Influence the adoption of an Innovation- base on icashwave of 7-Eleven School--Mamagement 2008-07-25
Chih-Chieh Huang The Effect of Fashion Level, the Standard of Manufacture Skill of Country of Origin and Brand Image for the Student Purchasing Intention Buy Consumer Electronics Grad--Management 2008-07-29
Yi-Shang Huang The Determinants of Enterprise Risk Management: Evidence from the Appointment of Chief Risk Officers in Publicly-listed Financial Firms in Taiwan Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2008-08-19
Chin-hsuan Huang Implementation of DVB-T Digital Television Receiver and Player with BDA Architecture Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2008-08-25
Chin-Ming Huang A research on financial crisis forecasting model of the incorporation of the indices of enterprise financial ratio and stock-holder's information--A case study of electronic industrial Grad--Information Management 2008-08-25
Chun-Yi Huang A Case Study of Ecosystem in Science for High Schools Grad--Information Management 2008-08-26
Meng-Yi Huang Qualitative Research of Augmented Reality in Ecosystem - For the Team Competition and Physical Activity Grad--Information Management 2008-08-26
Chia-Hsin Huang Are Superior Information Inherent in Different Investors Determinants of Asset Pricing in the Taiwan Equity Market? Grad-Finance 2008-12-31
Yu-Ting Huang Comparison of Japanese and Chinese in the Lyrics of Songs―Mainly on vocabularies of emotions― Grad--Applied Japanese 2009-01-15
Yu-Hsuan Huang A Study of the Preferences of Female Consumers on the Appearance of Cars Grad--Design Management 2009-02-12
Ru-Ping Huang The Effects of Picture Books Instruction Programs on The Lyrical Writing Performance of The Third Grade Students Grad-Education 2009-02-18
Ing-jye Huang A Study on the Mathematical Learning Effectiveness of Information Technology Integrated into teaching with Cognitive Apprenticeship for Students : Example of “Quadratic equation of one variable” Grad-Education 2009-05-20
Shu-Hua Huang The Study of Impact of the Green Image of Brand’s Original Country on Brand Strength Grad--International Business 2009-05-22
Wen-chang Huang The Effects of Promotion Type, Frequency, and Occasion on Store Sales: The Case of 7-11 Convenience Store Grad--International Business 2009-05-23
Kuei-Lan Huang The Study of Comparing Elementary School Students' Class Reading Environments and Reading Attitudes in Urban and Suburban Areas - with Taipei County as Example Grad-Education 2009-05-26
Rong-Jia Huang Zhang Chao " You Meng Yag " the esthetic sense experience studies Grad--Applied Chinese 2009-06-05
Ya-Ting Huang A Study of Learning Motivation and Satisfaction for Japanese as a Second Foreign Language - A Survey Based on High School Students in the Taoyuan Region- Grad--Applied Japanese 2009-06-10
Ko-Hsin Huang Research of the Factors of Quality Performance --Refer to After Acquire the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Registration. Grad--Management 2009-06-09
Hsin-Chuan Huang Supply chain expertise, audit coverage, and earnings management: An empirical study of business group firms Grad-Accounting 2009-06-15
Kuo-Wei Huang The Research of Computer Education Toward Japanese Related Departments in Taiwan Grad--Applied Japanese 2009-07-04
Jiun-Yuan Huang A Customer Support Systems Development Method― Study on the Service Provider and Vendor Grad--Information Management 2009-07-02
Wen-Chih Huang A Research of the Key Factors Affecting Semiconductor Wafer Fab Clients’ Purchasing Behavior-A Case study of A Semiconductor Exposure Equipment Corporation Grad--Management 2009-06-17
Hao-Chin Huang The Study of Multicast Technology In An Inter-DiffServ Domain For Mobile IPv6 Networks Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2009-06-22
YU-FEN HUANG Announcement Effects of Insider Selling —Evidence from Taiwan OTC Stocks Markets Grad-Finance 2009-06-24
Wen-Yu Huang E-Tools and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Service Industry Grad-Economics 2009-06-25
Ya-Ling Huang Construction and Application of Destination Image Position Model Grad-Management 2009-06-29
Shih-Wen Huang The Effect of Credit Risk on Debt Maturity:Monotonic or Nonmonotonic? Grad-Finance 2009-07-01
Hui-Hsin Huang Jaycustomer Behavior and Its Impacts on Frontline Employee’s Service Sabotage Intention Grad-Tourism 2009-07-02
Shih-Hao Huang The impact of the subprime mortgage crisis on financial performances of investment bank and commercial bank Grad-Finance 2009-07-14
Ya-Hsin Huang The Study for the Impact of Factors for Internet users trust in and Overall Satisfaction with the Website - an Example of Web 2.0 Website Grad--Management 2009-07-15
Wen-lin Huang Study on Shanghai Cooperation Organization:Using Constructivism as an Interpretative Approach Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2009-07-18
Shu-Hua Huang A study on the communication marketing strategies and communication effects of Taipei Fine Arts Museum Grad--Communications Management 2009-07-17
Chun-Chi Huang The Determinants and Performance of R&D Collaboration between Taiwan’s Listed Companies and ITRI Grad-Economics 2009-07-22
Jau-Huei Huang A Study on General Succession of Debt of Taxation Grad-Public Affairs 2009-07-21
Shih-Fang Huang The Impacts of Management Fees on Performance Persistence and Capital Flows-The Case of Taiwan Stock-Typed Mutual Funds Grad--Management 2009-07-23
Yu-Shan Huang Organizational Changes in Council for Economic Planning and Development Executive Yuan Grad-Public Affairs 2009-07-23
Shu-Mei Huang The Effects on the Implementation of Information Security Management System From the Supports of Top Managers and the Degree of Organizational Formalization: Taking Example of A Securities Company Grad--Information Management 2009-07-25
Chiu-Ping Huang A Study of Organizational Change and Career Plan for Navy Grad-Economics 2009-07-21
Yu-Shiang Huang The Establishment of Vulnerability Evaluation Indexes: The Case Study on Shuili Township, Nantou Grad--Architecture and Urban Disaster Management 2009-07-21
Tsung-Hsin Huang The study of the RFID process flow application of the HCT Transportation School--Management 2009-07-28
Jung-Yuan Huang A Study of Entering the Cultural Tourism Industry and Business Model Innovation: Examples of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation Exhibition Center School--Management 2009-07-29
Wei-Chuan Huang A Study on Market Orientation, Knowledge Integration and Institutional Trust with Performance -An Exploratory Study of Taiwan Security Brokerage Grad--Management 2009-07-27
Yu-Han Huang A Study on Business Strategy and Performance in Small and Medium Baking Industry Grad--Management 2009-08-13
Yu-Chieh Huang A Study on the Relationships between Social Tactics, Dual Organizational Identification and Job Satisfaction after Mergers and Acquisitions School--Management 2009-08-18
Cheng-Hsin Huang IT governance and Its Impact on IT Outsourcing Performance: A Taiwan securities firms study Grad--Information Management 2009-08-20
Pei-Yun Huang San Shui Xiao Du Grad--Applied Chinese 2009-09-04
Yung-Chih Huang Exploring the School and Non-school Conflict of Taiwan Students – Focus on College Students Grad--Management 2009-07-15
Li- Ru Huang A Study of The Basic Competence for Secretary of Academic Units in Ming Chuan University Grad-Education 2010-01-14
Ya-Ling Huang A study of Basic Competence For Academic Chairperson in Ming Chuan University Grad-Education 2010-01-22
Ming-Yi Huang Product Innovation, Strategic Choice and Organization Performance in Travel agencies:The Effect of Leadership Behavior Grad-Tourism 2010-06-02
Hsin-Hui Huang A Study on Relationships among Functions of Internet Use, Social Integration, and Well-being for Public Primary School Teachers at Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2010-06-05
Yu-Chin Huang The Effect of Top Management Team Characteristics on Internationalization -The Performance Aspiration as Moderations Grad--International Business 2010-06-07
Ya-Chi Huang Personality traits, Social support, Well-being for Junior high school teachers in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2010-06-14
Yu-Li Huang The research of respect words pavilions in Taoyuan Grad--Applied Chinese 2010-06-14
Yu-Fan Huang Study of Relationships between the Network Literacy and Consumer Behavior on the Internet Bookstores:Trust as a Moderating Variable Grad--Communications Management 2010-08-07
Jeng-Jie Huang Portfolio of Offshore Fund Grad-Economics 2010-06-24
AN-CHI HUANG The arbitrage of Taiwan’s stock marketthestrategy of pairs trading Grad-Finance 2010-06-24
Chen Huang The Application of the Effect of Mean Reversion to Asset Allocation A Case Study of the Taiwan Market Grad-Finance 2010-06-25
Zheng-Feng Huang Travel & Tourism Consumer Behavior Research of Taiwanese & Chinese Residents to Kinmen---the Approaches of Travel Motivation, Perceived Value, Tourist Satisfaction, & Revisit Intention Grad-Tourism 2010-06-27
Wen-Lin Huang Research the Inter-Relationship among Taiwan Airlines’ Pilot Job Value, Self-efficacy and Organizational Commitment Grad-Tourism 2010-06-24
Yu-Fang Huang An empirical study of corporate governance structure, transparency, and variation of stock return: Evidence from electronics stocks Grad-Finance 2010-07-05
Yen-Jung Huang Financial crisis prediction Model-by Cash flow view Grad--Information Management 2010-07-04
Yi-Jun Huang A Study on the Influencing Factors of Work-Family Conflict and Work-Family Facilitation among Female Nurses from the Spillover Effects: Burnout and Job Satisfaction as Mediators Grad--Management 2010-07-15
Po-Jui Huang Evaluating a Set of College In-House English Textbooks with Criteria Developed on the Basis of CLT Principles Grad--Applied English 2010-07-15
Jen-Ching Huang The Effects of Enterprise Risk Management on Firm Performance- An Empirical Study on Electronic Industry in Taiwan Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2010-07-19
Ya-Li Huang A Research on the Risk of Coefficients of Money Demand –An Analysis on Dynamic estimation and Stability Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2010-07-22
Min-Ju Huang The Formation of the Image of Working Women in Japanese Media Targeting free magazines being published in Yamagata Grad--Applied Japanese 2010-07-28
Sei-Yan Huang A Study on feasibility of the absentee ballot in Twaiwan. Grad-Public Affairs 2010-07-29
Wei-Yang Huang Human Action Recognition Using Three-Dimensional HOG and Key Point Distribution Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2010-07-29
Jhan-Rong Huang Discuss Intention to Use of Social Networking Site by Opinions of Technology Acceptance、Social Capital and Transaction Cost Grad--Management 2010-08-04
Chueh-Hsiao Huang Research on the Implementation of Open Mainland People to Visit Taiwan for Sightseeing Policy Grad-Public Affairs 2010-08-09
Yu-Hui Huang A Study of Relationships among Store Image, Store Attitude and Purchase Intention: The Drugstore as an Example Grad--International Business 2010-08-09
Yu-Wen Huang The intention of students download digital movie between China and Taiwan Grad--Communications Management 2010-08-11
Chien-Fen Huang A Study on Packaging Design of Green Tea Drink Grad--Design Management 2010-08-15
Kai-Chau Huang Construction and Expression of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) type 52 L1 gene in Rice Grad--Biotechnology 2010-08-17
Chun-Ju Huang The Influence of Consumer Lifestyle to the Buying Behavior-the Case of Moe ACG Products Grad--Communications Management 2010-08-17
Shwu-Fang Huang A Study on the Relationship between the Perception of Organizational Climate and Self-Efficacy of the School Staff in Junior High School-A Case in Taipei Metropolitan Grad-Education 2010-08-19
Pei-Ying Huang Mining Closed Sequential Patterns in Data Stream Environment Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2010-08-22
Mei-hua Huang Implementing Task-based Language Teaching into EFL Junior High School Classroom Grad--Applied English 2010-08-26
Shin-En Huang The Investment of the Challenges of Remote Schools -A Case Study of Jinning Elementary and Junior High School Of Kinmen County Grad-Public Affairs 2011-05-22
Kuo-shen Huang An Empirical Study of Simplified Conjoint Expected Risk Model: Case on a Y Property Company in Taiwan Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2011-05-25
Cheng-Yin Huang Determinant and Performance Analysis of Listed Manufacturers Participating in Academia-Industry Collaboration in Taiwan Grad-Economics 2011-06-07
Chian-Yu Huang The Research of Idiom Grammar and Structure : Samples of The Romance of The Three Kingdoms (San-Guo-Yen-I) Grad--Applied Chinese 2011-06-14
Wan-Ting Huang The Persistence of Profit in Taiwan Firms Grad-Economics 2011-06-20
Zhi-Ming Huang The Study of the Time Series Among the Prices of Taiwan Solar Energy Industry Stocks, Gold and Oil Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2011-06-23
HAN-WEI HUANG Empirical Study on Enterprise Risk Management Adoption in Taiwan: The Relation between ERM and Firm Characteristics Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2011-06-25
Yi-Lun Huang Analysis of changes in housing policy and housing prices —The Case of Taipei County Grad-Economics 2011-06-26
Huei-Jhe Huang Applying Open Course Ware Method to Improve Non-Information Majors' Computer Skills and Self-Directed Learning Grad-Education 2011-06-27
Chia-Hong Huang A Study on the Relationship between Travel Participation, Social Capital and Well-Being for Seniors Grad--Tourism 2011-06-28
Tzu-Chi Huang The problems and countermeasures facing china’s Economic System reform Grad-Economics 2011-06-28
Shu-Ling Huang A Study on the Determinants of Bank Loan Quality Grad-Finance 2011-06-29
MING-CHE HUANG Study on the Investment Strategy of Stopping Regular Small Saving Plan based on P/E Ratio Grad--Information Management 2011-07-02
Ting-Ying Huang The Analysis of the Relationship between the ECFA Announcement and Stock Returns-Evidence from the Industries under the Early Harvest List on the Taiwan Side Grad--Management 2011-07-04
Se-Juan Huang A Study of Internet Addiction and Academic Achievement for Fifth and Sixth Grade Students of Two Elementary Schools at Sanchong and Luzhou in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2011-07-04
Chin-Min Huang The Study of WebHR Users’ Satisfaction – New Taipei City as an Example Grad-Public Affairs 2011-07-07
Shu-Wei Huang Exploring the Motivation Antecedents and Outcome Variables of the Participation in Customer Collaborative Design Grad--Information Management 2011-07-08
Ying-Lun Huang The Research of e-learning by Using TAM (Technology Acceptance Model)-Take the Example of Taipei Municipal Xikou School by Using Learning Villages of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Grad--Information Management 2011-07-10
Wei-Chiang Huang Forecasting Inflation in Taiwan:Comparing with Different Models Grad-Economics 2011-07-11
Shih-Ya Huang Interpersonal Communication Skills, Emotional Labor and Research Related to Teacher Self-Efficacy-Case Studies of Junior High Schools in the Keelung City. Grad-Education 2011-07-19
Chi-Tsun Huang The effect of existing and revised version of BNHI reimbursement guideline on prescription behavior─ lipid-lowering medication in pharmaceutical company A as an example. School--Management 2011-07-22
Sheng-Wen Huang A Study on the Factors Affecting The Real Estate Prices of The Taiwan’s Northern Area School--Management 2011-07-25
Ming-Hui Huang Research into Factors that Affect Consumer Decisions Regarding Mutual Fund Investments - A Discussion on the Amount that Brand Image, Promotion, Purchase Intent and Risk Awareness Affect a Consumer’s Willingness to Invest Grad--Management 2011-07-26
Ching-Fang Huang Local Election Strategies of Political Parties-Case Study of the Election of the Eleventh Taipei City Councilman in Shihlin Beitou District on 2010 Grad-Public Affairs 2011-07-27
Wei-Chien Huang A Study on the Impact of 2008 US Financial Crisis on Taiwan's Money Demand Function Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2011-07-27
Li-Ron Huang The Investigation of SaaS Business Model for Cloud Computing - Evidence from the Accounting Agent Service Developed by M Company School--Management 2011-07-28
Yung-Cheng Huang A Study on the IT Governance - Capabilities Perspective Grad--Information Management 2011-08-08
Yi-Chen Huang A study on Lonely, Flow and Facebook user’s behavior Grad--Management 2011-08-10
Cheng-Shi Huang The Study of what impact to performance with outsourcing of IT project under IT governance Grad--Information Management 2011-08-16
Bei-Shin Huang The research of The Marketing Strategy of Local Festival Activity: A Case Study of Miaoli Hakka Tung Blossom Festival Grad-Public Affairs 2011-08-16
Kai-Hsung Huang Research On the Intention Of Military Employee Compliance With the Information Security Ploicy Grad--Information Management 2011-08-18
JIAN-HUA HUANG A comparative study on the working adaption and contentment of the first-line office and street female police officers- Case Study Of Taipei City Government Police Department Grad-Public Affairs 2011-08-11
Tsui-Ching Huang A Study on Sustainable Development Strategies for the Class-A Travel Agencies on E-Commerce Ages Grad--Tourism 2011-08-19
Jia-Chi Huang Terrain Material Stretching and Joint Problems Processing -An Implementation of Scene Editing/Playback System for Computer Game Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2011-08-19
Yi-Fu Huang Research on Cross-Strait Peace Negotiation Based on 1992 Consensus Grad--Program of Cross-strait Relations and Security Management 2011-08-11
Ming-Han Huang The Relationship between the Ministry of Education and Congress – A Functional Analysis of the Congressional Liaison Office Grad--Program of Cross-strait Relations and Security Management 2011-08-19
Yung-Wen Huang The Factors Affecting the Software Project Team Cognition Grad--Information Management 2011-08-29
Hsin-Kai Huang The Construction of Tourism Professional Ethical Code for the Tour Guide and Tour Conductor in Taiwan Grad--Tourism 2011-09-01
CHIH-CHIANG HUANG The research of diplomatic policy toward America during Hu Jintao, President of the People’s Republic of China.(2002-2009) Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2012-02-06
Pin-Chin Huang The Position of Informed Consent in Criminal Law Grad-Law 2012-05-21
Chiu-Ping Huang The Study of Gender Equity Awareness for The Sixth Grade Student of Mying and Hakka in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2012-06-06
Han Huang The Impact of Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve on Emerging Market Funds –An Event-Study Analysis Grad--International Business 2012-06-10
Wan-Ching Huang A Study on the Parental Involvement in schooling and Teacher Stress of 1st and 2nd Grade Elementary School Teachers in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2012-06-13
Shu-Ling Huang A Study on the Impact of Organizational Justice and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Misbehavior Grad--International Business 2012-06-14
Tsung-Hsin Huang The Impact of Market-Orientation on Organizational Performance in the Insurance industry - A Case Study on K Life Insurance Company Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2012-06-14
Ling-Hsien Huang A Study on the Effect of Fund Managers’ Characteristics on Escalation of Commitment Grad-Finance 2012-06-18
Shu-Yin Huang A Study on the Relationship between Fund managers’ Cognitive Biases and Fund Performance Grad-Finance 2012-06-18
Jen-Cheng Huang A Study on the Effect of Risk-taking Conduct on Operating Performance in Taiwanese Banking Industry Grad-Finance 2012-06-18
Chia-Wen Huang A Study of Gender and Personality Traits on the Decision-Making Behavior under Prisoner’s Dilemma Games - Case of Financial Industry Grad--International Business 2012-06-15
Hsin-Yi Huang Statistical analysis of the credit card market in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2012-06-25
Yi-Ting Huang The Empirical Analysis of Dollar-Cost Averaging and Value Averaging in Taiwanese Equity Funds Grad-Finance 2012-06-25
Po-Yi Huang Analytic Comparisons of Noun of Locality in Japanese and ChineseーThe Polysemy of "left" "right" in Japanese and Chinese Grad--Applied Japanese 2014-01-16
Chun-Yen Huang The Effects of Expensed Bonus on Earning Distribution-Applied Static Trade-off Theory Grad-Accounting 2012-06-29
Hui-Min Huang A Study of Factors in Choosing Airlines by Taiwan Corporations Grad--Tourism 2012-07-05
Guan-Wei Huang Litigate of Freedom of Information-Issues discuss and suggest Grad-Law 2012-07-03
Yu-Shin Huang A study of students' behavioral intention to adopt an e-learning system -a case of Moodle Digital Teaching system in Ming Chuan university Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2012-07-10
Wen-Li Huang The Analysis of Taipei City Government's Centralized Joss Paper Burning Policy Implementation Grad-Public Affairs 2012-07-11
Pei-Yu Huang Thesis Subject: The Methodological Construction of ‘Name-Status Order Theory’- The Effects of People’s Republic of China Rising on Diplomatic and Foreign Relations Staffs’ Attitude towards Participation in International Organizations. Grad-Public Affairs 2012-07-13
Yu-Ting Huang A Study on the Correlation between Corporate Governance, Performance and Financial Decision Grad-Finance 2012-07-16
Yun-Jung Huang The Correlation between Students ’ use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies and GEPT Reading Performance of Elementary Level in Private Comprehensive High School Grad--Applied English 2012-07-18
Tsui-Wan Huang Study of relationship between non-performing loan index and macroeconomics Grad-Finance 2012-07-19
Shih-Ting Huang A Comparative Study on Smart Phone User Behavior and Purchase Intention: Moderated by Product Knowledge Grad--Communictions Management 2012-07-19
Chiao-Ju Huang A Study on Countercyclical Capital Buffer Based on BASEL III : Using the Taiwan Price Weight Index as an example Grad-Finance 2012-07-20
Jung-Wei Huang The Influences of Perceived Risks,Personality Traits, and Sales Promotion on Online Group-Buying Intentions Grad--Communictions Management 2012-07-24
Lien-Wen Huang A Study on the Improvement of Service Quality in the Traffic Adjudicaton Office, Taipei City Government Grad-Public Affairs 2012-08-06
Liu-Min Huang The Important Factors of Wedding Market by Intellectual Capital – A Case Study of Company D School--Management 2012-08-07
Ting-Cheng Huang An Evaluation of the Implementation of the “Chinese Visitors to Come to Taiwan for Travel Purposes” Policy Grad-Public Affairs 2012-08-10
Yung-Sheng Huang The research of human resource management about Fruit and vegetable wholesale - The case of Taipei and New Taipei City status Grad-Public Affairs 2012-08-13
Mei-Rong Huang The Impact of Service Encounters, Experiential Value and Brand Experience in Brand Loyalty - Shihlin Night Market Grad--Management Administration 2012-08-01
Kuan-Jen Huang The correlation analysis of online brokers web contents’ layout and interaction on “perceived ease of read” and user information adoption perspectives Grad--Information Management 2012-08-21
Yu-Chin Huang Research of the cooperation system in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2012-08-25
Szu-Wei Huang Product Design Sense, Affection Intensity and Mental imagery in Narrative Advertising Communication Grad--Management Administration 2012-08-27
Li-Ting Huang Information Disclosure in Corporate Merger Grad-Law 2012-09-06
Jing-Zhe Huang On the Accuracy of Traffic Analysis based on NetFlow Sampling Grad--Information Telecommunications Engineering 2012-09-21
Hsiao-Han Huang Study on the Calendar Design and Creation of Taiwan's Migrant Birds Grad--Commerical Design 2012-11-30
Pin-Hsuan Huang Women Writing of Yeh Pu-Yueh The Heart with Seven Colors Grad--Applied Chinese 2013-01-23
Shihan-Jie Huang The Law of E-commerce Types with A Specific Focus on Online Auctioning and Discount Group Coupons Grad-Law 2013-01-25
Bo-Yen Huang A Study on the Promotional Documents Graphic Design of Organ Donation-A Case of a Folder Design Grad--Product Design 2013-01-30
Peng-Cheng Huang A Study of Political and Economic Effectiveness of ECFA to Taiwan from a Perspective of Integration Grad--International Affairs 2013-01-31
Xiang-Ling Huang Shui Tau Tsuen LOHAS of Kinmen of the B & B Business Model Research School--Management 2013-02-26
Chien-Yun Huang Affect Members Of Job Satisfaction And Job Performance Factors Grad--International Business 2013-05-26
Ching-Fang Huang Effects of Consumer Optimum Stimuli Level and Exploratory Behavior and the Choices of Shopping District’s Attributes Grad--International Business 2013-05-30
Mei-hsueh Huang An Action Research of Multi-Level Questioning Instruction on Fourth Grade Teaching Strategies at Mandarin Instruction Grad-Education 2013-06-11
Hsin-Yi Huang The Study of Performance Evaluation and Contributions of Internationalized Manufacturing Factories-The Case of A Firm in the Plastic-Product Industry Grad--Management 2013-06-20
Ching-Wang Huang Virtual Switch technology and comparison in Cloud Computing Infrastructure Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2013-06-26
Shang-De Huang Contagion Effects of Asian Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from the U.S.Subprime Mortgage Crisis and the European Sovereign Crisis Grad-Finance 2013-06-26
Jo-Yu Huang The comparative study on Taiwan’s Money demand during the Internet Bubble and the US Financial Crises of 2008 Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2013-06-28
Po-Shen Huang Consumer’s Perception and Preference of the Product Service Systems-An Example of E-books Grad--Product Design 2013-06-26
Chih-Ting Huang Operating Performance Evaluation of the Life Insurance Industry in Taiwan Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2013-06-25
Tzu-An Huang The research of Fang Dong-Shu and“Shulin Yang goblet” Grad--Applied Chinese 2013-06-26
Meng-Han Huang What Makes Abusive Supervision Survive? Self-Efficacy and the Perception of Authenticity Alleviate the Negative Consequences of Abusive Supervision. Grad--Counseling and Industrial -organizational Psychology 2013-07-01
Chin-Yi Huang The Study of Remedial Programs To 9th Grade Students’ Misconceptions On Friction By Mastery Learning Grad-Education 2013-07-04
Chun-Ping Huang The Impacts of Mistreatment Behavior Within and Outside Organization on the Workplace Deviant Behavior: Negative Emotions as a Mediator Grad--Management Administration 2013-07-08
Yun-Lun Huang The Asymmetric Effect of Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns Grad-Finance 2013-07-08
Mei-Mei Huang The Impact of Interdependence and Conflict on Job Performance-Bank Consumer Finance Practitioners as The Research Object Grad--Management 2013-07-09
Ting Huang A Study of Teacher’s Teaching Assessment by using Data Mining Technology Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2013-07-15
Yu-Ping Huang Integrating Sales and Production: The Effects of Interdepartmental Relationship Effectiveness, Conflict Resolution and Top Management's Knowledge Gap, Moderated by Environmental Uncertainty Grad--Management Administration 2013-07-17
Ming-chih Huang Profit Study on Fixed Investment for Equity Fund and Taiwan 50 at Taiwan Stock Weighted Index Perform Grad--Information Management 2013-07-20
Jhao-Syun Huang THE STUDY OF CRIMINAL LABOR INSURANCE FRAUD IN OUR COUNTRY Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2013-07-22
Shu-Chen Huang Investigating the Leisure participation of Internet users on Physical and Mental Health Grad--Tourism 2013-08-01
Ping-Chia Huang Analysis of International Medical Tourism - Focus on Hospitals and Infirmaries in Northern Taiwan Grad-Public Affairs 2013-08-07
Chin-Hsiu Huang The Effect of Customer Experience on Perceived Value, Luxury Value and Repurchase Intention. Grad--Tourism 2013-08-11
Chen-Ting Huang The Effect of Guilt-proneness to Employee’s Organizational Behaviors. Grad--Counseling and Industrial -organizational Psychology 2013-08-11
Yi-Hsuan Huang Logistics Model of Food Vending in Night Market: The Case of Shilin Night Market Grad--Management Administration 2013-07-24
Chun-Po Huang A Study of Eye Movement Control Based on a Single Webcam Grad--Electronic Engineering 2013-08-26
Yi- jung Huang An Application of Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making in the transformation of the corporate brand image and innovation:A case of Chang Hwa Bank website visual design Grad--Communictions Management 2013-08-26
Ding-Yuan Huang Explore the Disaster Relief Mechanism of Non-Profit Organization in Taiwan-A Case Study of Tzu Chi Foundation Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2013-12-19
Ta-Chun Huang On The Interface Design of Electronic Dictionary for The Elders Grad--Product Design 2014-01-13
Ci-Lung Huang A Research of Success Critical Factors of Electric Commerce Platform – For Instance Website Grad--Information Management 2014-01-16
Yung-Chih Huang Adolescent attachment relationships, emotional intelligence of their school life adjustment. Grad--International Business 2014-02-18
Chun-Hui Huang A Study on the Relationship between Investor Sentiments and Returns: An example of International Stocks Grad-Finance 2014-06-09
Hsiu-Li Huang Out of the Social Norm: A Female Teacher's Journey to Conscious Awareness Grad-Education 2014-06-09
Yu-Uen Huang Effects of brand celebrity credibility and brand fit on attitude and purchase intention: A case study of holding financial company Grad-Finance 2014-06-11
Yu-Ching Huang A Study on Teaching Beliefs and Behaviors of Disaster Prevention Education of Elementary School Teachers in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2014-06-16
Yu—Qi Huang A Study of Augmented Reality :Taiwanese Advertisers's Marketing Adoption Grad--Communictions Management 2014-06-19
Shu-Chen Huang The Effect of Using an Instructional E-Book on Junior High School Students' English Learning Achievement Grad--Applied English 2014-06-21
Chun-Yuan Huang Integrated Marketing Communication for Medical Product – A case study of Automated External Defibrillator Grad--Communictions Management 2014-06-23
Ke-Ming Huang The Effect of Green Marketing on Business Image and Brand Equity: Brand Community Loyalty as Moderator Grad--International Business 2014-06-25
Irene-Yuling Huang Success of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speeches: A Corpus-based Investigation Grad--Applied English 2014-06-23
Hsueh-Chen Huang A Study Of The Relations Between Application Of IPA To The Business Ethics Brand Image Of C Bank And Customers’ Satisfaction Grad--International Business 2014-06-26
Chi-Ting Huang The Study of Relationship between the Gifted Education Cognition and Attitude of Junior High School Teachers in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2014-06-27
Jing-Chi Huang Lead Auditor Gender and Financial Reporting Conservatism Grad-Accounting 2014-06-25
Ching-Tien Huang The Impacts of Personal Values, Internship Experiences, and Ethics Courses on Student’s Ethics Awareness in Technical and Vocational Education Grad--Tourism 2014-06-19
Jun-Jie Huang The relationship of financial holdings liabilities, systematic risk and shareholding structure Grad-Accounting 2014-07-03
Chia-Chi Huang The Impact of Reputation in the News Reports to the Corporate Performance and Market Returns - The Analysis of Average Phenomenon, Economic Cycle and Size Effect Grad-Finance 2014-07-05
YU-LING HUANG Research of The Impact and The Strategies of the Openning Free Individual Travel rom Mainland China to Taiwan Travel Agencies Grad--Tourism 2014-07-10
Mei-Chia Huang The conversation in tutor activities of Taiwanese students and Japanese college students - Focusing on strategy topics and items Grad--Applied Japanese 2014-07-10
Huan-song Huang A Study on Corporate Governance and Declaration Date of Independent Directors and Supervisors Grad-Finance 2014-07-17
Hung-Pin Huang The Effects of Abusive Supervision on Subordinates' Stress and Burnout─ A Survey in the Service Squadron, ROC Air Force Command Grad--Management 2014-07-17
Ching-Che Huang Textual Research Weapons Shapes Of " Shuowen Jiezi " Grad--Applied Chinese 2014-07-18
Fu-Cyuan Huang A Study of the Relationship among the Physical banking service quality, Internet Banking service quality and Customer Relationship Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2014-07-20
Shu-Fen Huang The West Coast Economic of Taiwan Strait in China Development Problems and Strategy Solutions Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2014-07-13
Li-Chun Huang A Study on the Factors of Affecting Consumers to Use Credit Cards Grad-Finance 2014-07-17
Wan-Ting huang Fang Yi Zhi 's Practical Concept And His Practice Grad--Applied Chinese 2014-07-21
Shiuan-Huei Huang Sociological Imagination and Persona to Market Orientation of New Products Development ─ A Case Study of Inbound Tourism Products Grad--Management Administration 2014-07-21
Shu-Fan Huang The Conflict of Freedom of Press and The Right To Privacy-Focusing on Juvenile Crime Reports Grad-Law 2014-08-06
Hsu-Cheng Huang A Study on the Relationship among Ethical Leadership, Perceived Organization Support, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior Grad--International Business 2014-08-11
Chun-Li Huang Application of Quality Function Deployment to Product Design and Management in the Ceramic Industry-A Case Study Grad--Management 2014-08-20
Bing-Chang Huang Adjusted X control chart by Edgeworth Expansion Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2014-08-28
Kuan-Ting Huang What the backpackers taught me – Building interpersonal relationships when Working Holiday in Australia Grad--Counseling and Industrial -organizational Psychology 2014-09-21
Ching-Chih Huang Functional proteomic analysis of cervical cancer cell line - HeLa under genotoxic stress or interruption of Nampt/visfatin activity by FK866 Grad--Biotechnology 2014-10-30
Ming-Hui Huang The study of housing-price to income ratio in Taipei and Kaohsiung city Grad-Accounting 2015-01-21
Chien-Yun Huang A Study of the Sunflower Movement and Taiwan Government’s Crisis Management Grad-Public Affairs 2015-02-26
CHEN-CHIH HUANG A Study of the relationships among Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: The Case of Kinmen’s Hotel Industry Grad--Tourism 2015-06-09
Wen-Chun Huang Study on the relationship between the physician administration mode and the hospital pharmaceutical Affairs -A medical center in northern Case Grad--Management 2015-06-12
Tsung-Yu Huang An Action Research on Integrating Theme-based Writing into Character and Morality Education for Sixth Graders Grad-Education 2015-06-11
Yen-Yi Huang Value relevance of intellectual capital : information disclosure transparency point of view Grad-Accounting 2015-06-17
De-Huei Huang The Relationships Between Self-Efficacy, Sources of Efficacy, Burnout and Contextual Factors Among EFL Elementary English Teachers Grad--Applied English 2015-06-17
Wen-Chun Huang The Study on the interaction of Price-Earnings Ratio and Price-Book Ratio on High Return on equity Grad--Information Management 2015-06-17
Shu-Feng Huang The effects of parents’ SES on Taiwan university EFL students’ English proficiency Grad--Applied English 2015-06-21
Cheng-Yuang Huang A Study on the Effect of STS Instructional Activities on Enhancing Science Competences among Middle-High School Ninth Graders: Exemplified by the Topics of Energy and Environmental Change Grad-Education 2015-06-25
Hsin-Ying Huang Analyses of the Competiveness and Product Positioning of Local-Traditional Market : Take Fruit Industry as an Example Grad--International Business 2015-06-27
Zhao-Jun Huang A Study about Winery Consumer Behavior and Travel Life Style for Consumers in Taiwan Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2015-07-03
Yu-Ting Huang The study on Taiwan’s Money demand during the US Quantitative Easing period Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2015-07-02
Hsiao-Han Huang The Effects of Removing Uptick Rule on Market Quality of Taiwan Small-Cap Grad-Finance 2015-07-11
LI- HSUEH HUANG Distribution Channels and Consumer Complaints in Life Insurance Companies Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2015-07-16
Mei-Chieh Huang Job Stress in the Tourism: Focus on the Emotionality with Turnover intent of Employees Grad--Tourism 2015-07-10
Sheng-Wen Huang Research of the reading difficulties and reading strategies on Japanese learner in Taiwan-focus on one case- Grad--Applied Japanese 2015-07-15
Ning-Ya Huang A Study on the Relationships among Consumer Experience, Revisiting Willingness and Word-of-Mouth Intention: The case of Reality Room Escape game Grad--Communictions Management 2015-07-16
Po-Yu Huang The study of paper cutting posters design for Taiwan Hakka Festivities Grad--Commerical Design 2015-07-14
Pei-Ching Huang The Protection of Famous Symbol on Legal System - Focus on the Trademark Act and Fair Trade Act Grad-Law 2015-07-15
Xin-Lan Huang The Association of Foundation Hospital Income tax exemption and Earnings Management Grad-Accounting 2015-07-20
Je-Yu Huang A Study of E-learning System Needs on Hospitality Vocational Senior High School’s Teachers for Rotative Cooperation Education Students Grad--Tourism 2015-07-21
Yu-Li Huang A Study on Crowdfunding in Japan Grad-Finance 2015-07-19
Ya-Ru Huang The Study on City Region Governance in Taiwan Municipality:Example of Taipei MRT Grad-Public Affairs 2015-07-21
YUN-TING HUANG Abstracting Video Based on the Objects of Interest and Gaze Tracking Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2015-08-03
Pei-Hua Huang The Impact of the Battery Power in the Mobile Devices on the Information Types of the Message Delivery Grad--Information Management 2015-07-22
Cheng-Hsiang Huang A Study on the Interactive Relationship between Quarterly Return on Equity and Monthly Revenue on Stock Price Returns - A Case Study of the Taiwan 50 Index and Taiwan Mid-Cap 100 Index Constituent Stocks. Grad--Information Management 2015-08-11
Chih-Jen Huang The Promotion Strategy of Domestic General Affairs Department of Pharmaceutical Corporation School--Management 2015-08-13
Yu-Ching Huang Applying Adaptive Structuration Theory to Explore the Antecedents of Group Resistance on Organizational Information System Implementation: A Case Study of Taipei City Government Cloud Platform Grad--Information Management 2015-08-17
Chien-Chih Huang A Study on Characteristics-Based Investment Performance: Evidence from Taiwan EMP 99 Index Grad-Finance 2015-08-17
Chu-Cheng Huang An object recall system based on 3D vision techniques Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2015-08-24
Szu-Wei Huang Innovative Servicescape and Product Design for Teenage Women in their Thirties(TWIT) Sporty Lingerie Store Grad--Product Design 2015-08-18
Kuei-Chia Huang The Study of Venture Capital about Post-Investment Decision Making Grad--Management Administration 2015-08-24
Jui-Chin Huang Study of the American crowdfunding Grad-Finance 2015-08-30
Ching-Ying Huang Creation of Geometric Modeling Applied in the Pop-up Book Grad--Commerical Design 2015-09-01
Po-Hsuan Huang Study on the Local Sustainable Campus Taking Small-Size Schools as Examples Grad--Architecture 2015-09-07
Hui-Tsai Huang, Research on Mainland China Revenues Revolution Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2008-07-11
Hsiang-Cheng Huang, Motivation and Satisfaction of Outdoor Recreation--A Case Study of Matsu Anglers Grad--Tourism 2011-06-16
Annie Hui-Ling Studying Owner’s Leisure Participation with their Pets- Incorporating Pet Attachment into the Leisure Constraints Negotiation Model Grad--Management 2012-01-05
Hsiang-Ju Hunag On the Study of Examining Decision Factors of Auto Physical Underwriting by Use of Analytic Hierarchy Process Grad-Risk Management and Insurance 2008-07-23
Wei-Chun Hung Interaction between Parent-Parent Company Affecting International Joint Venture Performance Grad--International Business 2005-01-28
Ming-Tsai Hung Study of the Evaluation of Electronic Official Correspondence ─ Using Taipei City Government as an Example Grad-Public Affairs 2005-02-21
Yuan-Liang Hung 作者未提供 Grad-Law 2005-03-11
Hai-Yin Hung Research of relationship between utilization of Cross-Media News Platform and utilization of Internet among Cross-Media NewPlatform staffs. Grad--Communications Management 2005-03-15
Jian-Sheng Hung 作者未提供 Grad-Management Science 2005-03-17
Bing-Da Hung 作者未提供 Grad-ManagementScience 2005-03-17
Ying Hung A Study of Product Positioning and Market Segmentation of United Daily News:With Taipei Metr opolitan Area as Example Grad-Management Science 2005-04-29
Mao-Chung Hung Automatic Transformation from SCORM Materials to Web Services Grad--Information Management 2005-05-09
Ying-Je Hung An Exploratory Study based on the View of Information Asymmetric of the Impacts of Information Technology on Electronic Trading of Derivative Instruments Grad--Information Management 2005-05-19
Li-Yun Hung A Study of Business Model Transformation for Securities Brokerages under the e-Business Strategy of Financial Holding Company Grad--Information Management 2005-05-24
YI-JEN HUNG The Degree of Channel Control, Its Antecedents and Performance Impact—An Empirical Research on Taiwanese Exporting Firms Grad--International Business 2005-06-01
Ying-Chin Hung Study on the Hedging Effectiveness for Convertible Bonds Grad-Finance 2005-06-02
Chia-Liang Hung The Relationship among Types of Merger-Acquisition, Excess Return and Contents of Superior Information Grad-Finance 2005-06-06
Chiu-Ju Hung The Study of the Relationship on Teachers’ Teaching Beliefs, Classroom Management Strategies and Teachers’ Satisfaction in Taipei County’s Elementary School Grad-Education 2005-06-21
Feng-Mei Hung The study of the junior high school advisors' transformational leadership, classroom atmosphere and learning motivations - the students of junior high school in Taipei as an example Grad-Education 2005-06-21
Ching-Cheng Hung The Analysis of Investors’ Portfolio Allocation to Taiwan’s Mutual Fund Classes─Application of LA /AIDS Model Grad--Management 2005-06-28
Chih-Han Hung A Study on critical successful factors of Click-and-Mortar Business Model from the Delone & Mclean E-Commerce Model Grad--Information Management 2005-07-12
Ping-Hsan Hung A Study on the Criminal Police Capability of Computer Crime Investigation—The case of Taipei City Grad-Public Affairs 2005-07-21
Chen-Chung Hung The effect of image of country-of-brand, brand relationship quality on the brand equity: the cases of shopping and auction websites Grad--Information Management 2006-01-09
Lu-Yang Hung Marketing Strategies Study of "Happy Rice", "Jump! Boys", and "Chronicle of the Sea, Nan-Fang-Ao." Grad--Communications Management 2006-06-15
Feng-Chun Hung The Integrated Pedagogy of Mathematics Tour Teaching and Cooperative Learning Approaches—An Action Research of Mathematics Teaching in Junior High School Grad-Education 2006-06-28
Yin-E Hung Research on the Image and Influence of “Zhu Xi in Kinmen” Grad--Applied Chinese 2006-07-13
Yu-Fa Hung The forecasts of American Depositary Receipts and its underlying stock– the Application of Threshold Error Correction Model Grad-Finance 2006-07-20
Yi-Hua Hung Analysis of the problems while transferring from a structure method to an object-oriented method Grad--Information Management 2006-07-27
Yi-Chen Hung A Case Study on the Adjusting Process, Child-rearing Styles and their Children's Temperament of Foreign Brides from Southeast Asia in Taiwan Grad-Education 2006-08-18
Chi-Yu Hung The Research of Life Styles, Tourism Images, and Bahavior Intentions-the Applications of Push and Pull Model. Grad--Management 2006-08-21
Tsai-yuan Hung A Three-State Financial Distress Prediction Model for Construction Industry in Taiwan Grad-Finance 2007-06-25
Wan-Chan Hung A Study of Chang Hsiou-yia` Lyric Essay Grad--Applied Chinese 2007-07-26
hsien-chang hung Research on Land registration issue in Lien chiang County Grad-Public Affairs 2007-08-07
Tsai-Yeh Hung The Study of Key Factors Influencing Consumers’Intention of Using Taipei Easy Card Grad--Management 2007-08-09
Chia-Chun Hung Looking into NGO Development from the Perspective of Global Governance: A Case Study of International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training Grad--International Affairs 2007-07-05
Yi-Chi Hung A Research On Market Segmentation of Financial Commodity –take Hierarchy of Need and Life Style as a Foundation School--Mamagement 2007-08-19
Tsai-Neng Hung The Effect of Experiential Marketing on Brand Loyalty-The Case Study Grad--Communications Management 2008-06-12
Shang-Wei Hung An Empirical Analysis of Information Disclosure Transparency: Evidence from Taiwan Small Enterprises Grad-Accounting 2008-06-18
Pei-Lan Hung A Study on the Correlations among Service Quality, Service Failure and Service Recovery by Airlines – with the Kinmen Route as An Example Grad-Tourism 2008-06-23
Wan-Ching Hung The Protection of Minority Shareholders’ Rights-A Study on Shareholder Proposal and Director Nomination Grad-Law 2008-07-02
Wan-Lu Hung The study of the interaction among various communies safty network - The case of Dong-Keng community in Kinmen Grad-Public Affairs 2008-08-06
Chia-Ling Hung The Development and Validation of E-Commerce Website Brand Equity Scale Grad--Information Management 2008-08-17
Chih-Hung Hung The Study of Interaction between Non-Governmental Organization and Government-A Example of the International Cooperation Development Foundation Grad--International Affairs 2009-02-26
Wen-hui Hung Governance Structure of After-Sales Service in Household Electrical Appliances Industry–Transaction Costs & Resources Base Perspective Grad--International Business 2009-05-22
Ru Hung A Research on Learning Behavior of Low Entrance Examination Grade And High Academic Achievement Students: The Case of Graduates from Taiwan Matsu Senior High School in 2007 Grad-Education 2009-06-02
Wei-Shin Hung Using Music Therapy Concept to Promote Adolescent Emotional Intelligence-Teaching Transformation Viewpoint Grad-Education 2009-06-19
Shiau- Wen Hung Non-Audit Service, Auditor Tenure and Audit Quality Grad-Accounting 2009-06-18
Sheng-Tien Hung A Study on the Relationship between Consumers’Emotional Preference and Product Form Factors Grad--Design Management 2009-08-09
Huan-Ping Hung Linking the Product’s Country-of-Manufacture, Country-of-brand and Consumers’ Perceived Value: Using the Product Category and the Language of Product Label as Moderators Grad--Information Management 2009-08-20
Hsien-Chung Hung Research of The Pay and Benefit System of Service trade of The Domestic Funeral and Interment Etiquette Grad--Management 2010-02-23
HSIN-HSIU HUNG The Impact of the Sub-prime Crisis on the World's Top 200 Largest Banks' Financial Performance Grad-Finance 2010-06-30
Chien-Chih Hung A Preliminary Study of Banking Functions and Reform Grad-Economics 2010-06-29
Chun-Lieh Hung The Study on Change of Autonomous Position for Wuciou Village Grad-Public Affairs 2010-07-12
Kuo-Chou Hung Analysis of Short-Term Rate in Taiwan - Multivariate GARCH Model Grad-Finance 2010-07-15
Yu-Ting Hung Gender analysis of Tobacco control policy ( 2007~ ) Grad-Public Affairs 2010-08-07
Sheng-Hsun Hung Six Categories of Chinese Characters Use in Thematic Icon Design Grad--Creative Design 2010-08-10
Tsung-Hua Hung A Study on Image Watermarking In Transform Domain Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2010-08-16
Chih-Jou Hung The Study of Knowledge Sharing Behavior of Social Networking Websites──A case of Grad--Communications Management 2010-08-24
I-Wen Hung SOHO of Personality and Job Satisfaction On Performance of Individual Innovation – A Case Study on Cultural and Creative Industries Grad--International Business 2011-05-28
Shu-Chuan Hung Taiwanese Parents' Beliefs and Children's English Learning Grad--Applied English 2011-05-27
Pei-Tze Hung Determinants of FDI and Exports from Taiwan to Canada Grad-Economics 2011-06-14
Wan-Jung Hung A Study on the Relationships between School Innovative Management and Job Satisfaction for Teachers of the Elementary School Teachers in Keelung City Grad-Education 2011-06-21
Ya-Ting Hung The Study on the Relationship between Service Quality and Satisfaction of Rooms Department in Tourist Hotel – The case of BOT Miramar Garden Hotel and Taipei Garden Hotel Grad--Tourism 2011-08-16
SHIH-FANG HUNG A study of effectiveness in Facebook applying onlibrary activities-Acase of Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan Grad--Communictions Management 2011-06-29
Hui-Chen Hung A Study on the Relationships between the Habits of Viewing TV Drama Programs and Gender Role Stereotype Cognition of the Grade 5-6 Students of Elementary School in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2011-07-05
Pei-Hsiu Hung The Design of Virtual Network Mapping Algorithm Grad--Computer Science and Information Engineering 2011-07-27
Ling Hung Design Creative Research of the style of German Expressionism movies applied in the electronic pictures books Grad--Commerical Design 2011-08-12
Chien-Kai Hung The Research of Investors on Escalation of Commitment and Performance Grad-Finance 2011-08-18
Su-Chen Hung A system dynamics analysis for the expansion strategy of Taiwan’s solar industry Grad--Information Management 2011-08-22
Hsueh-Hua Hung The Evaluation of the Unlimited Inheritance with the Confined Liability of the Modification Grad-Law 2012-02-07
Hsueh-Chuan Hung The Research of CHANG, MAN-CHUAN's Essays Grad--Applied Chinese 2012-06-15
Li-Ping Hung The Introduction of the Personal Data Protection Law for Administrative Organizations to collect﹐handle﹐and use —Analyze with Japanese Legal system Grad-Law 2012-06-18
Wei-Wen Hung Contagion Effect of Financial Crisis – Empirical on Financial Markets of Taiwan and America Grad-Finance 2012-06-21
Yuan-Chi Hung A study of leisure benefits of recreational activities involving parents and their children in Kinmen area Grad--Tourism 2012-06-21
Wei-Chun Hung A New Process Capability Index for Bivariate Non-Gaussian Distributions Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2012-07-10
Nu-Hsuan Hung Study on the Language of Flowers Applying to the Patterns Grad--Commerical Design 2012-07-18
Tzu-Yen Hung The travel motivations of tourist on leisure ranch - The Moderating Effect of customer value. Grad--Management Administration 2012-07-23
Yu-Chen Hung A Study of Operating Performance for Banks in Taiwan An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis -The Case of B Bank School--Management 2012-07-27
WEI-LUN HUNG A Research on the Follow-up System Maintenance Mode of the Public Sector’s Outsourcing Information System-A Case Study of the Electronic Official Document System Grad--Information Management 2012-08-16
Chi-Yuan Hung Banking staff recommended funds research-Explore the brand image, the past performance of the Fund, the market impact of epidemic and promotion activities on willingness to recommend Grad--Management 2012-08-23
Shih-Yi Hung The Role of Onset Age in Foreign Language Acquisition of Reading and Listening Grad--Applied English 2012-10-30
Shu-Hui Hung A Study on Delay of Gratification of New Immigrants’ Children and Non-Immigrants’ Children with Their Academic Achievement: A Case of 1st and 2nd Grade at Primary School Level in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2013-06-05
Hsiao-Chien Hung A Study on the Relationships between Personality Traits and Cyberbullying for Public Elementary School Higher Grade Students in Taoyuan County Grad-Education 2013-06-06
Shu-Chin Hung A Research of《The Ballad of the Sad Cafe》 by Zhu Shao Lin Grad--Applied Chinese 2013-06-14
Hui-Ju Hung Aggressive Behavior of Children in Play Situations Grad--Tourism 2013-06-24
Cheng-hao Hung A Study on Customer Value Analysis in Food additive industry- The Application of Data Mining Techniques School--Management 2013-07-17
Jian-Ming Hung Human Action Recognition Using Depth Images Grad--Computer and Communication Engineering 2013-08-20
Chia-Liang Hung Exploring the Attitude toward High-intensity Exercise and the User Experience of Fitness Equipment of Elders Grad--Product Design 2014-01-14
Su-Huei Hung A Resign on the Legality for the Wetland Management Policies in Taiwan Grad-Public Affairs 2014-02-19
Hui-Chen Hung Research on Parenting Education Dilemma of Mainland Spouses Executive Master of Cross-strait Relations &Security Management 2014-02-24
Mei-Lien Hung Spiritual Inspiration as a Recovery Force For an Adolescent Suffering From Parental Loss Grad-Education 2014-06-25
Kuo-Huang Hung Research on the Factors of Bank Finance Commissioners' Sales Performance on Insurance Products Grad-Finance 2014-07-14
Ray-Cheng Hung Voluntary Services in Non─profit organizations─Case Study Of Taipei Machmaker Tamples Grad-Public Affairs 2014-09-04
Te-Hui Hung The study of fools stories in “Bai Yu Jing” Grad--Applied Chinese 2015-01-07
Chi-Hao Hung Backpacker and Information of Travel Destination Grad--Tourism 2015-01-26
Ching-You Hung Using Scenario Planning to Plot for Cultural and Creative Tourism:A Case Study on Yingge Ceramics Museum Grad--Tourism 2015-01-28
Hsiao-Ping Hung A Study of Outside-School Internship Stress and Coping Strategy among Vocational High School Students in New Taipei City Grad-Education 2015-06-07
Wan-Chen Hung A Study on Job Stress and Emotional Intelligence of Elementary School Teachers in Kinmen County Grad-Education 2015-06-14
Ya-Hsin Hung The Effects of Picture Story Reading on Preschoolers’ Emotion Education in Kinmen Grad-Education 2015-07-06
Pang-Hao Hung Innovation Perception And Lock-In Impact On The Behavior Intention Of Mobile Telecommunication Services:The Moderating Effect Of Mobile Phone Involvement and Deal Proneness Grad--Management Administration 2015-07-18
Chien-Yuang Hwang Studies on Wealth Management Business in Financial Institutions:A Deeply-Interview and Resource Redistribution with Specific Bank Grad-Management Science 2005-05-06
Wen-Hong Hwang Pattern Discovery on Biological Sequences Grad--Information Management 2005-06-01
Ya-Show Hwang The Study of Implementing Information Technology: The Relation Between Transformation and Alignment Route in the Organization Grad--Management 2005-08-25
Shang-Jer Hwang An Research of the Successful Telemarketing Factors Using Tele-Services Verbal Behavior Grad--Information Management 2006-06-17
Bih-Yin Hwang Study on the Local Legislative Council’s Primary and Supplemental Budgetary Decisions Grad-Public Affairs 2006-08-02
Ching-Yi Hwang The Application of Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Evaluating the Condition of Environment Grad-Applied Statistics and Information 2006-08-15
Li-lian Hwang A Study of Trust System for Personal Pension Fund to Assure Senior Financial Security Grad-Finance 2009-06-24
Ren-Cheng Hwang Analyzing the volatility of crude oil price by regime switching GARCH Grad-Finance 2010-07-08
Jyh-Lin Hwang Research of the Jinmen area insurance industry development Grad-Public Affairs 2011-06-21
Wan-Chen Hwang Convertible Bond Premium of Taiwan Market-Analyze Moneyness, Issue Conditions and Excess Credit Spread Grad-Finance 2012-06-18
Bo-Chun Hwang Analyze the Company Efficiency of Create Shareholder’s Wealth: Using the Passive Component Industry in Taiwan as an example Grad--Management Administration 2012-07-19
Yeou-Shinn Hwang A Study of the Relationship among Foreign Ownership Ratio and Corporate Financial Performance of Electronic Companies Grad-Finance 2014-07-19
Yu-Jin Hwu A Study on CCP’s Policy Toward Taiwan After 16th Session Of National People’s Congress Grad--National Development & Cross-strait Relations 2006-07-27
JYH-HAW HWU The Study of Naturalization in Taiwan Grad--Program of Cross-strait Relations and Security Management 2011-07-17
Sung Hyun LED Light Marketing in Taiwan and the Relationship between a Green Economy and the LED Light Industry Grad--Management 2010-07-05

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